Carnell Knowledge 2011 : Week 8

Back with a NFL blog after that quick one last week, it was not good. 4-9. So that shows what happens when I write a short blog.

Washington at Buffalo, in Toronto. As a Redskins fan I’m not going. This is part of the problem with the Bills in Toronto series. They overpriced it at the start and are stuck with prices that are crazy. Only chance of me seeing a Redskins game in the forseeable future but 2 things stopped me from going there. Price is first. Secondly is it a horrible atmosphere. Stadium not made for NFL football. Heck my sister went to an Argos game and it was not much better.

Reason for the prices is Rogers got cocky and are now stuck. They overpaid with a 5-year, $78 million deal with the Bills. From Globe and Mail.

The deal has already paid off for the Bills. They get about $9.75 million per game in Toronto, more than twice than they generate at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills have also reported a large bump in season-ticket sales from fans across the border, who now represent about 15 percent of the team’s base.

The downside has proven to be a general lack of interest the Bills have received in Toronto. They play in a domed facility that’s better suited for baseball, with the stands further removed from the playing field. Overpriced tickets ā€” a majority of them more than $200 ā€” have made it difficult to draw fans to the 54,000-seat facility. And many who have shown up are either NFL fans, who root for other teams, or are there to see the opposing team.

Bob McCown of FAN590 has pointed out over the years it was even worse than that says. And he’s on a Rogers owned radio and TV station. Although he gets more leeway than most to give his opinion and not face any grief. At first they were arrogant enough to say people couldn’t buy single game tickets. That people had to buy a package for all 5 years worth of games, including preseason. Insane amount of money. Which people didn’t buy. Rogers had to backtrack from that silliness. Only a few did buy, one of which Gord Kirke appears on the show from time to time. His stories of being stuck at bad preseason games is worth a laugh. Since he was one of the few who forked over that kind of money.

Which put Rogers in a bind. They paid Buffalo so much money they can’t lower the ticket prices to what people would be willing to pay. None of the games have been soldout, and they’ve had to fill seats with papered tickets (giveaways). I compare the problem to movie theatre prices. If you go to a 3D/IMAX movie they charge a price which the average person has come to accept. Imagine going to a small one screen theatre and them charging you even more than that. That’s the Bills in Toronto issue. Over-charging for an experience that is viewed as ‘not the real thing’.

Miami 0-6 (Road: 0-3) at NY Giants 4-2 (Home: 2-1)

Apparently Miami coach Tony Sparano was talking to a ref during the Dolphins/Broncos game. About using a timeout to review a call. “If I don’t call timeout we’re all (explicit). Now I’m getting fired.” Coaches talking about the fear of being fired DURING a game is not a good sign.

Jacksonville 2-5 (Road: 0-3) at Houston 4-3 (Home: 2-1)

Houston I can’t put my finger on. And Jaguars performance on Monday Night was strange. Defense played out of their mind. Don’t see that happening 2 weeks in a row.

Arizona 1-5 (Road: 0-3) at Baltimore 4-2 (Home: 3-0)

Baltimore gets a team with only 1 win after that bad game on Monday night, should be an easy rebound.

New Orleans 5-2 (Road: 2-2) at St. Louis 0-6 (Home: 0-3)

62-7 win last Sunday night. I did see the 4th quarter since I was at work. New Orleans did not throw once in the quarter and still scored. Now the Rams might be without Sam Bradford this week. So maybe a 49-10 win.

Minnesota 1-6 (Road: 0-3) at Carolina 2-5 (Home: 2-2)

Battle of rookie QBs, although Cam Newton has played all season so might not be a fair fight.

Indianapolis 0-7 (Road: 0-4) at Tennessee 3-3 (Home: 2-1)

Colts offense being bad without Manning, OK that makes sense. But for an entire team to lay down like last week was embarrassing.

Detroit 5-2 (Road: 3-0) at Denver 2-4 (Home: 1-2)

I thought Detroit would lose last week. Little drop off after a great start. Denver barely beat a winless Miami team last week.

Washington 3-3 (Road: 1-2) at Buffalo 4-2 (Home: 3-0)

In Toronto so a neutral site game. On Twitter I mentioned it’s good I didn’t plan on going. Running Back, Hightower out for the season. Tight End, Chris Cooley out for the year. Santana Moss, surgery on hand is out almost 2 months. And neither of the QB’s is someone to write home about.

Cincinnati 4-2 (Road: 2-1) at Seattle 2-4 (Home: 1-1)

The tape of Browns/Seahawks game will be buried at sea.

Cleveland 3-3 (Road: 1-1) at San Francisco 5-1 (Home: 2-1)

The tape of Browns/Seahawks game will be buried at sea. Had to type that twice, it was that bad.

New England 5-1 (Road: 2-1) at Pittsburgh 5-2 (Home: 3-0)

Pats handle the Steelers. Pittsburgh has not beaten Tom Brady in 7 years.

Dallas 3-3 (Road: 1-2) at Philadelphia 2-4 (Home: 0-2)

NBC gets a good game again after a couple of bad weeks. Not sold on either teams. Expecting Dallas to win this just on a hunch.

San Diego 4-2 (Road: 1-2) at Kansas City 3-3 (Home: 1-1)

Monday night and Kansas City has come back from the brink.


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