Carnell Knowledge 2011 : NFL Week 6

10-3 right last week. Still on a roll. On the upset pick side I got 49ers and the Raiders correct. My ‘pick against the Eagles’ idea will keep going.

St. Louis 0-4 at Green Bay 5-0

Have to be crazy to pick the Rams.

Buffalo 4-1 at NY Giants 3-2

Two of the NY teams battle it out in New Jersey. Always a bit strange that the Bills are the only team who play in New York State.

Indianapolis 0-5 at Cincinnati 3-2

I find it funny when commentators say about winless or undefeated teams, ‘well they won’t lose/win every game this season’. We had a 0-16 Lions team and Patriots 16-0 in back to back years.

Carolina 1-4 at Atlanta 2-3

Falcons seem ‘off’ this year. Things not clicking and Carolina playing quite well for a 1-4 team. They keep barely losing. This week I they play a divsion rival so I think Panthers will win.

San Francisco 4-1 at Detroit 5-0

Game of the week, I’m not kidding. Look at the other games and this is the best one.

Philadelphia 1-4 at Washington 3-1

‘Pick against the Eagles’.

Jacksonville 1-4 at Pittsburgh 3-2

Steelers should handle Jacksonville, even with Pittsburgh having a up and down season when it comes to how good they are playing. Barely beating the Colts, getting smoked by the Ravens.

Cleveland 2-2 at Oakland 3-2

Browns at .500 which sounds like a typo. Oakland might overlook Cleveland. Especially a week after the big emotional game against the Texans.

Houston 3-2 at Baltimore 3-1

I picked the Raiders to beat Houston last week. This week I think another loss is in order. With Titans being a surprise Texans might have a fight in hand for the AFC South.

New Orleans 4-1 at Tampa Bay 3-2

Bucs got destroyed last week by the 49ers. I see a Saints win but not by that much.

Dallas 2-2 at New England 4-1

With the Cowboys, who knows which team shows up? As others have pointed out, they could be 4-0 or 0-4.

Minnesota 1-4 at Chicago 2-3

Sunday night game and I’m not entirely sold on the Bears. Since it’s at home I’m picking Chicago.

Miami 0-4 at NY Jets 2-3

We know Miami is not going to be a playoff team. NYJ might not be either. If Dolphins get an upset a 2-4 record for NY will be a tough hole to get out of.


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