Carnell Knowledge 2011 : NFL Week 4

Forgot to mention the Friday night pre-emption of the radio show due to football.  If you didn’t hear the game, Queen’s escaped with a 13-6 win.  Game where there was 20-something punts.  Toronto could’ve won at the end but it was a sloppy contest.

Detroit at Dallas

Got to watch Redskins-Cowboys on Monday night. Skins defense did all they could. Cowboys got no TD’s and settled for field goals. Washington botched a FG attempt during the game and that was the difference. If you saw the game the Dallas offense was very disorganized. Guys running wrong routes and messing up snaps. Can’t get away with that Detroit. Skins offense not even close to what the Lions have been doing.

Pittsburgh at Houston

I’d almost want to pick a tie. Steelers took forever to beat the Colts last Sunday night which was not a vote of confidence. Texans should win. Which has been said before over the last few seasons.

Carolina at Chicago

Just for Chicago’s defense. Newton might have a tough day against them.

Minnesota at Kansas City

Both teams 0-3. Vikings have had leads then choked them away. KC has been destroyed in games.

Buffalo at Cincinnati

Undefeated Bills better take care of the Bengals. Avoid a let down after a big Pats win would help them a lot for Buffalo’s season.

Tennessee at Cleveland

One of these teams will be 3-1 after this week. Browns have done that very quietly. I probably should pick the Browns after Titans lost Kenny Britt for the season. Who was on my Fantasy Football team. D’oh.

Washington at St. Louis

I knew the Rams had a tough schedule this year. Add their injuries and they are already 0-3. Can’t see them ending that slide here. Skins playing on the road after a Monday game in Dallas might help St. Louis keep it close.

San Francisco at Philadelphia

San Fran is 2-1 and leading the NFC West. Eagles could be 1-3 after this Sunday. Picking the 49ers. And I got a shout out from 49ers fan Caroline Frolic on a Hawaii radio station Wednesday night. Formerly an sports anchor on The Score. That’s a long story for another blog entry.

New Orleans at Jacksonville

New Orleans should crush the future LA franchise. [We all know they will not be in Jacksonville in 5-10 years]

Atlanta at Seattle

Why not? Falcons not playing well and they have to travel to Seattle. Tough place to play.

NY Giants at Arizona

Kevin Kolb not lighting it up for the Cardinals? Not a shock.

New England at Oakland

Buffalo finally beat New England last week. Which means the Raiders should get the brunt of the Pats anger.

Denver at Green Bay

Green Bay should roll Denver. Been said the Packers might be the most under the radar defending Champs in a long time. All the talk about the Lions or Bills great starts.

Miami at San Diego

Neither team looking great. Not much more to add.

Sunday Night
NY Jets at Baltimore

Cool and rainy in Baltimore. Rain supposed to stop by game time. All that should add up to a low scoring game. Just look at the Friday game we had on CFRC. Toronto up 3-0 on Queen’s at the half. Golden Gaels won an ugly game 13-6. Similar weather.

Monday Night, Indianapolis at Tampa Bay


Too bad for the ESPN crew. Get stuck with Curtis Painter vs Tampa Bay. Only bright spot is Jon Gruden lives in Tampa Bay so he might be more animated than usual, which might be hard to believe.


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