Carnell Knowledge 2011 : NFL Week 3

13-3 last week. Oh yes, I did that well. Picked the wrong ‘trap game’, leaned towards Titans over Ravens but couldn’t bite the bullet. Went with Miami over Houston instead. That was 2 of the wrong games I picked so was a really good week. This week will not be better than that.

San Francisco at Cincinnati

Got the Broncos/Bengals game wrong. Oh well. This is similar. Which bad team do I think will win? West Coast team traveling East, so I will go with Cincinnati.

Detroit at Minnesota

Vikings 0-2 and Lions 2-0. Easy choice.

Denver at Tennessee

Titans better than I thought they would be so far. Not sure they can catch Houston in the division. This week will show how far along the Texans are.

Miami at Cleveland

Miami has a horrible record at home lately. Luckily for them this game is in Ohio.

NY Giants at Philadelphia

Giants faking injuries againt St. Louis? How the mighty have fallen. Theatrics to beat the Rams in a bad game. Picking Eagles even though not sure who will be QB. Back up Kafka did well on Sunday night. Only 1 pass was incomplete and that’s because the guy dropped it.

Houston at New Orleans

Now the Texans move up. Games before was like playing easy level on the Madden video game. Saints is “All-Madden” level. As long as they stay competitive I’ll be impressed.

New England at Buffalo

2003 was the last year Buffalo beat New England. Just think what wasn’t around in 2003. Was a year before Facebook was created at Harvard. That’s a long time. 2003 was before the NHL lockout. 2003/04 season was also last time the Leafs made the playoffs. Sorry to mention that Toronto fans.

Jacksonville at Carolina

I’ll pick Cam Newton to get a win. Don’t get carried away with his first 2 starts. Top 3 Rookie Debuts in NFL history.

2011 Cam Newton Panthers
1950 Otto Graham Browns
1987 Ed Rubbert Redskins

Otto Graham an all time great, Ed Rubbert? I’m a Redskins fan and I don’t even remember him. Jags are starting a rookie QB too, Gabbert with his 1st start. So Newton will have more experience than his oppostion. Weird. Onto the 4pm games.

Baltimore at St. Louis

Baltimore should be in a bad mood after the Titans loss. St. Louis would be in tough even without their injuries.

NY Jets at Oakland

Hmmmmm, Jets 2-0 but I’m still iffy on them. Now they lost Nick Mangold their centre. Can’t pick Oakland though.

Kansas City at San Diego

The Chiefs have fallen off a cliff. They won their divison last year. That team has disappeared.

Green Bay at Chicago

Chicago hosted the NFC Championship game against Green Bay. Why would I think this be any different?

Arizona at Seattle

I don’t want to spend any more time on this than you do.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Atlanta to get a divsion win in Tampa.

Sunday night

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis

NBC had a good run of games to start the season. That comes to a crashing halt. Steelers at Colts. Later in the season NBC can change Sunday night games ahead of time. Betting they wish they could do that this week.

Monday night, Washington at Dallas. Good ole Cowboys vs Redskins.

Romo should play and for this pick I will assume he does. Washington in a close game.


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