Carnell Knowledge 2011: NFL Week 2

I did say Week 1 is the hardest week to pick. Going into Monday night I had 7 right and 7 wrong. Luckily I picked Pats and Raiders to finish at 9-7. Things start to settle down after Week 2. You find out if some teams just had a bad game or if it’s a trend. Steelers aren’t going to have 7 turnovers again for example. Colts looked horrible but they get the Browns this week which should help them.
Onto this week’s games.

Oakland at Buffalo

Both teams are 1-0. I think the Bills are a bit better. Throw in Oakland playing Monday night at 10pm EST and turning around to travel to Western New York for a 1pm kickoff on a Sunday. That usually doesn’t bode well for the road team.

Kansas City at Detroit

Chiefs were rolled last week. Detroit did something good teams do, win on the road even when playing sloppy.

Baltimore at Tennessee

I picked Baltimore last week to somehow pull out a win over Pittsburgh. Wasn’t expecting it to be over by halftime. This could be the classic ‘let down game’ where after a big win you look past the next opponent. Just don’t think the Titans will do that.

Cleveland at Indy

Michael Irvin on NFL Network pointed out something about the Colts debacle at QB. With not having a young backup ready to go these beatdowns are ‘wasted beatdowns’. When Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman started as rookies the team finished with a horrible record. But, those losses were a learning process for them. This season for the Colts could be a lot of losing and nothing gained.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota

2 teams looking at 0-2 start with a loss here. I’ll go with Tampa Bay.

Chicago at New Orleans

Rematch of an NFC Championship game from years ago. When Rex Grossman got the Bears to a Super Bowl. We’ll talk about him later. Going with the Saints since they looked as good as you can in a loss against Green Bay.

Jacksonville at New York Jets

Jets at home again, even with the Giants hosting Monday Night Football. I think usually they try to spread out their home games. I look at Jets/Cowboys like a game Dallas had won and lost. Dallas had never lost a game when up by 14 points or more in the 4th quarter. NEVER. NYJ good enough to beat Jacksonville though.

Seattle at Pittsburgh

Rematch of Super Bowl 40. Which was not a classic game. If you know a Seahawks fan just ask them about the refs in that game. Be prepared for a long rant. In that case it is warranted. Last year one of the officials from that game admitted they screwed up. Good to be honest, although doing it years later was a bit weird. Like pouring salt in an old wound. This year’s Seahawks are not sniffing any Super Bowl appearance. And with Steelers atrocious performance last week they will not be in a good mood.

Arizona at Washington

Rex Grossman with a win last week. He was known as Good Rex/Bad Rex in Chicago. Great games and then a horrible performance. Never knew what you were getting. I was more impressed with Redskins defense. Can’t guage Washington yet. Giants have lost more than a few guys to injury so far. The G-Men had beaten my team 6 times in row, so it was good to stop that streak. NFC East is up for grabs. Not sold on the Eagles and who knows what Giants/Cowboys/Redskins are like yet.
Oh, Arizona almost lost to a rookie QB last week. I’m picking the Skins.

Green Bay at Carolina

Mentioning that rookie QB, Cam Newton. Impressive to get that many yards in your 1st game. Lot of that was Cardinals defense. Don’t see many low scoring Arizona games. Now, he gets a real defense in Green Bay.

4pm EST

Dallas at San Francisco

When Regis Philbin feels the need to talk about how bad you played, that is not good. Yes, on Monday morning he said Dallas will never win with Tony Romo as quarterback. Ouch. Any other week I might not pick them, this is the 49ers we’re talking about.

Cincinnati at Denver

I think if the Bengals were hosting I’d pick Denver. Broncos fans are getting wacky with chanting for Tim Tebow and one guy trying to buy a billboard about wanting him as QB. Tebow has played and not shown much. There’s a reason he’s on the bench. Plus the fact the previous regime picked him and the current staff is stuck with him.

Houston at Miami

Now this is what I think will be the ‘let down game’. Texans roll over the Colts and look past Miami.

San Diego at New England

Waiting to see what the Chargers might be this year. Maybe their streak of slow starts has ended. Not enough to win in New England yet.

Philadelphia at Atlanta

Michael Vick returns to Atlanta. I remember him at a home game in the Georgia Dome flipping off fans as he walked off the field. They’ll probably forget that in all the TV coverage.

St. Louis at New York Giants

A pick em. I’ll go with the home team.

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