Carnell Knowledge 2011 : NFL Week 1

Yes, the title with the pun is back.

To get me back into blogging after a quiet summer, return of NFL picks. With the week starting on Thursday night had to get it in early. So not as much detail as I might’ve done with more time. After the game I just put my pick in CAPS. Then blab about something or other.

Thursday, New Orleans at Green Bay, 8:30 pm EDT

To start off, Week 1 is always VERY HARD to pick. That’s during a usual year. Add a year with a lockout and it’s even more confusing.

Last 2 SuperBowl champs open the season. I’ll go with a Packers win since this is their first home game since the end of the last regular season. Green Bay had to play on the road throughout the playoffs last year. They should bring their “A” game since they are celebrating bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Lambeau Field.

By the way, Vince Lombardi’s last team wasn’t the Packers. NFL tries to gloss over that. ‘He coached the Packers, won the SuperBowl, retired and passed away’. Close, but not quite.

He retired as coach of the Packers for one season. Was in the front office however he felt the itch to come back as a coach. So Lombardi went to the Redskins. That team was horrible, having a string of 14 losing seasons. Now that is a challenge. In one season he turned them around to a record of 7-5-2. After that first season is when they found he had cancer that was untreatable and he died in 1970. Always surprises me that they ignore him doing such a great job in Washington in such a short time. Just this example from Wikipedia.

“Lombardi discovered that rookie running back Larry Brown was deaf in one ear, something that had escaped his parents, schoolteachers, and previous coaches. Lombardi had observed Brown’s habit of tilting his head in one direction when listening to signals being called, and walked behind him during drills and said “Larry.” When Brown did not answer, the coach asked him to take a hearing exam. Brown was fitted with a hearing aid, and with this correction he would enjoy a successful NFL career.”

Figuring out someone is deaf in one ear? That’s a guy who paid attention to detail.

Onto the picks for the rest of the week. These games take place on Sunday September 11, 2011. 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Atlanta at Chicago

Two playoff teams. Although Bears playoff run is better known for Jay Cutler’s injury and other player’s reaction to his “injury” on Twitter. He got ripped to shreds. Lesson is when you are a jerk, no one is going to defend you when something goes wrong. No sympathies for Cutler.

Philadelphia at St. Louis

‘Dream Team’, not quite. QB who hardly ever has played a full season due to getting hurt. And a weak offensive line. Doesn’t that sound like a bad combo?

Rams are in the league’s worst division but almost won it last year. St. Louis is ahead of schedule in becoming a good team again. I’m never sold on the Eagles. Mainly since Andy Reid is still their coach. A guy who never gets a running game and is horrible at clock management. Said this story before. My sister saw him on TV during a game and said “oh, he’s the guy who is bad with timeouts”. Ouch.

Detroit at Tampa Bay

2 years ago, this would’ve been horrible to watch. Now it should be a good game. Lions fans can settle down a bit though. Wait till your quarterback gets through a season without injury.

Tennessee at Jacksonville

So before I write this the Jaguars cut David Garrard who was their STARTING Quarterback. And they wonder why this is a franchise that is rumoured to be moved. Bonehead decisions that doesn’t help the empty seats in Jacksonville. You keep him around this long then decide to torpedo your season. Just for that I have to go with Tennessee.

Indianapolis at Houston

Houston, what else do you need? Manning’s bad neck, Jaguars not caring and Titans rebuilding. That’s your division. If you can’t get in the playoffs with all of that, it is time to start over. Here is your silver platter.

Cincinnati at Cleveland

Something I’ve said before with games like this. Someone has to win, unless there is a tie.

Buffalo at Kansas City

Chiefs did make the playoffs. I barely remember it either. Should have enough to beat the Bills.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore

Game of the day. Always seems to be a good game, with Pittsburgh squeaking out a win or Ravens screwing it up. To be different I’m picking Baltimore.  Strange for one of their games to be played at a time of year when the weather is nice.  Watch it rains during the entire game just to contradict me.

4pm games

NY Giants at Washington

One of the more memorable games will be this one. Not for it being a good game or bad. A New York team visiting Washington so 2 cities that were involved in the 9-11 attacks. The plane going into the Pentagon seems to be the forgotten part of that day.

Back to the football part of the game, Redskins are my team and are starting Rex Grossman. Needless to say I expect NYG to win.

Minnesota at San Diego

Sometimes a game happens between 2 teams that just sounds odd. Vikings/Chargers. Can’t think of a common link between them. Minneapolis and San Diego are probably as different as you can get as cities. San Diego should win this. Back of my head is reminding me how the Chargers always get off to a slow start.  I’ll ignore that.

Carolina at Arizona

The Cardinals who won the ‘Kevin Kolb Sweepstakes’. So they get a QB who has only started 7 games. Yay? In their defense they are in the NFC West. A losing record won the division last season. So it’s not like the Cards need a future Hall of Famer to do reasonably well.

Seattle at San Francisco

Mentioning the worst division again, here is an all NFC West matchup. Seahawks won the division and beat the Saints in the playoffs. Credit to Seattle for that upset. Fact they got to host that game for winning a horrible divison is still stupid. Sure that rule would have been fixed in a non-lockout year. What does Seattle do after that? This season they let Hasselbeck go and have Tavaris Jackson instead.  Good luck to the Pacific Northwest football fans.  You will need it.

Sunday Night game, Dallas at NY Jets

New York hosting the Cowboys on the 9-11 anniversary on Sunday Night Football. I’ll pick Dallas.  Might be too much emotion for the NY players to deal with.

2 Monday night games. 1st one is worth watching. Second you should go to bed before it begins.

New England at Miami, 7pm EST

Patriots known for usually having trouble against Miami. They luck out with avoiding an afternoon game with the Miami heat [no pun intended].

Oakland at Denver 10pm EST.

I’ll be working that night so that will be the only reason I’ll be watching this.


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