August Update and a Tooth story

Tonight on the show back live and for a full show.  Last week a rerun, and week before only able to do half show.

End of July not a fun time.  Got an abscessed tooth.  Which doesn’t sound good.  When a tooth is infected from the inside.  And found out in involves pus getting into the tooth along the jawline.  Hopefully you aren’t eating when reading this post.  Was in one that I had a cavity filled in 2 years ago.  Usually you would go with a root canal.  In this case the odds are against that holding.  Even if you get a root canal you’d have to have it checked every year and if it came back have it pulled.  So the dentist and I agreed to have it pulled.  All that time and money for a root canal and it might not even stick?  Get it over with now.

Reasons for lack of blog posts and less radio shows lately.  First was the pain of the tooth, luckily I got an appointment the next day.  Went on anti-biotics to fight the infection.  Then getting it pulled.  There goes half of July.  And the day it started hurting was the hottest day of the year too.  Wonderful.  Not sure about Kingston but in Toronto it was the hottest July day ever recorded.  Heat and an infected tooth is not a fun combination.

So getting back to normal now.  September right around the corner? Year is going by fast.  Tonight new music from Ian Foster and Allison Crowe.  I’ll check the new CD shelf at CFRC when I get in.  Probably some stuff I’ve missed after my inactivity lately.

End with a picture of how much numbing you get when you get a tooth pulled.  This was 30 minutes afterwards.


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