Bruins Win

Boston Bruins, 2011 Stanley Cup Champions. Getting used to it. Quick post from iPod at work. Got a short vacation next starting Monday so busy getting details worked out. After that I’ll have a longer blog post.

Congrats to fellow Bruins fans, been a long time. Now I have to figure out what merchandise to get. Website has crazy thing like a garden knome with the Cup and dressed in Bruins gear. If you garden a lot I guess that makes sense.

Last year I made a smart purchase. After blowing a 3-0 lead vs Philly I decided to make lemonade out of lemons. Thought that be a good time to get a jersey. Demand would be low after something like that. Got a Bobby Orr throwback for 50 bucks on eBay. Never worn CCM jersey with tags still on it. So a year later I get to wear that in downtown Kingston after a Cup win. 🙂

Sorry to friends in Vancouver. More for the riot than the loss. And one of the rioters ends up being a member of Canada’s under 18 Water Polo team. Pictured trying to set a car on fire. He turned himself in.

He was about to get a full scholarship to Calgary this fall. Natalie Thomas, who like me picked Boston to beat Vancouver, got a sports scholarship. She must be shaking her head at this.

We had the Queen’s homecoming mess a while back where a car was flipped and set on fire. Thinking it was all ‘anarchists’ in BC is silly. I recall front page of paper in Kingston was a guy jumping on the car. Was a local high school kid too, like this idiot in Vancouver. You’d be amazed how stupid some people can get during these things. Working midnights downtown on weekends, I see it 1st hand.

This Friday a rerun of the program. Following Friday live in studio for Canada Day. Might do something easy like a Hey Rosetta retrospective. They are playing in Toronto that day with Weezer, Broken Social Scene and The Tragically Hip.

Wednesday I see Peter Gabriel in Toronto. That will be a good night.

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