NHL Round 3 Picks ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’

Quick post written from an iPod touch. Natalie took a 1 game lead after the last round. She is going with San Jose and Boston in finals with Boston winning. I’m going with Tampa vs San Jose and Lightning winning.

We will have a final round pick since our picks might already be decided. Natalie gets Boston right then it’s over. 🙂

I would like to see Vancouver vs Boston. But I think it won’t be. I’ll write a followup with a longer post when I’m not typing on a small device. Still worked though.


  1. Natalie:)

    You should receive money from Apple for the product placement!
    I’m loving the U2 references.
    Which leads me to my next question: are you going to the U2 concert in Toronto this July?

  2. Rob C.

    Not this time. Did go to the last stop at SkyDome with my sister and her boyfriend. So I saw the same tour/setup. Great show though, just didn’t feel like seeing it by myself. lol. Do have a U2.com membership so could’ve gotten early tickets.

    But I’m going to Toronto in June for Peter Gabriel at Molson Ampitheatre. So that’s my 80’s concert of the year. 🙂 Peter with an orchestra so will be a much different type of show.

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