Back to Normal

Not a lot of activity here as of late. But Queen’s sports is done for this season. Things are getting back to normal.  Queen’s hockey team got swept in Round 1.  Therefore no live sports broadcasts till Football season.  No pre-emptions.

Thanks to everyone who donated during the Funding Drive.  You can still donate on the website, getting closer to the goal.

Got the new Hey Rosetta! album, on CD and Vinyl.  So I will play the Vinyl on a future show. On tour right now across Canada, then hitting the US before going to Australia.  Busy time for the band.

Many of the shows were sold out ahead of time like Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.  I interviewed Tim Baker a couple of years ago and I’m aiming to touch base with someone in the band after they get back from Australia for an interview.  Right now quite a hectic schedule for them and I think better to talk to them after getting back from ‘Down Under’.

With sports done I’ll get back to posting more blogs, and I have a new USB Microphone for podcasts and the like.


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