Super Bowl XLV Picks

Did this last year so the tradition continues.

Start off with always gracious Jody Vance who gave me her pick last year as well.

She is taking Green Bay today. By the way, I have 60 more followers than her? That’s insane and wrong. Twitter is like the mirror universe. [Google it]

Katie Lawrence

“I’m going Packers. They’re on a huge roll. It’s not really a surprise that the Steelers are there. Go underdogs.”

Two women who both are blonde sports fans from BC both going with the Packers. The list of Green Bay picks keep on coming from BC.

Chris in Richmond

“I’m going with the Pack. As my future in-laws are from Wisconsin, I don’t have any other choice.”

True. You would have to do pick them in that case.

Andrew Bucholtz

“Pick: Pittsburgh 24, Green Bay 21. I think it’s going to be a close game, but I love Pittsburgh’s defence and I think they have enough of an edge there to pull out a victory. Their top-ranked run defence should shut down Green Bay’s less-than-stellar ground game, and that will force Aaron Rodgers to throw a lot. Rodgers is playing quite well lately, but he hasn’t had to face the likes of James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley yet this postseason; on any given play, he could have significant pressure coming from both sides. He also has t to contend with Dick LeBeau’s zone blitz and the wide variety of different looks it presents, and he has to worry about what Troy Polamalu’s doing on any given play. Rodgers will keep the Pack in it, but I think the Steelers might force him into a couple of critical mistakes, and they’re excellent at taking advantage of turnovers. That might be enough to turn the tide in this one.”

Plan was for more picks, but the week just flew by. Carr Harris Cup broadcast on Saturday night along with the Funding Drive at CFRC beginning the night before. If it had been a 1 week break between AFC/NFC Championships it would’ve been better. Quieter for me last week. And from the weather in Dallas they REALLY would’ve liked it to have been last week.

But that’s double the amount of people helping with picks from last year. Baby steps people.

As for mine. You have who I ‘want’ to win, and who I’m going to ‘pick’ to win. Different. On an old podcast I made NHL playoff picks and had Boston-Montreal in Round 1. I am a Bruins fan and I picked Montreal in 7. I was right. Shows that you have to separate things. I wanted Boston to win but didn’t think it would happen.

I would like Green Bay to win but am picking Pittsburgh today. Steelers 28-20. Went back and forth a bit. Then I saw NFL Network showing “Super Bowl Classics”. They were showing Seattle-Pittsburgh. On a list of ‘classics’ that game should not be on there. Unless you count a classic as a game where bad ref calls all went towards one team. Had to throw the Seahawk fans a bone with that. It was so bad, last summer the head official even admitted to blowing calls.

Apart from some shotty calls by the refs I was reminded of one thing. Steelers can win if Ben has a terrible game. They beat Seattle when Big Ben sucked, and I mean sucked! 9 for 21, 123 passing yards and 2 INT. Horrible. Did get 1 rushing TD which was 1 yard in length if you want to be picky. The article mentions that TD was debated as well.

Anyway, a 22.6 quarterback rating which is the worst ever of a Super Bowl winning QB. I still say with correct calls Steelers squeak that one out. I saw how bad Seattle messed up the clock at the end of the 1st half and the 4th quarter. They weren’t on fire that day either.

Back to today, the Steelers can win without a great game from Ben. He didn’t light things up against the Jets. The running game did in the 1st half.

Can the Packers win if Aaron Rodgers has a bad game like Ben did in the Super Bowl? No.

So enjoy the last game before the lockout or the offseason. Whatever you like to call it.

Leave you with something from this past week. My Mom said she had never seen an interview with Roethlisberger. Saw him somewhere on TV and decided to give him a chance. I asked her what she thought. Her response:

“He seemed like a jerk.”

A fitting way to end this post.


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