Pre-emptions/Funding Drive

I forgot to tell people of getting pre-empted a few times in the new year.  Last Friday obviously bumped for Queen’s Basketball.

This week back with a new episode. January 28th Basketball knocks off the show again.  Following 2 weeks back to normal until the last basketball broadcast on Feb. 18th.

After that it’s clear sailing.  Unless there are some playoff hockey broadcasts.  That I wouldn’t know till the last minute anyway.

Quick heads up about the CFRC Funding Drive next month. February 4th-13th.  So I will be hosting 2 shows during that time.  No plan right now what I might do during those shows.  First week is right before the SuperBowl.  Maybe some sports content for that week to change things up.  Undecided right now.

Looking like some more podcasts in the near future, getting a good home USB microphone.  Easier to record shows at home if I feel like it as well.  After -34 Windchill yesterday morning there might be some weeks I should do that this winter.  A tad chilly.


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