Happy New Year 2011

You know I’ve been busy when there have been no blog posts since mid December. This year at least had Christmas off from work for 3 days.  So ‘busy’ as in holidays and work.

Worked New Year’s Eve overnight, which wasn’t as crazy as you think.  Sure there are a lot of drunks wandering around downtown.  However I’ve worked almost every Saturday night/Sunday Morning for 18 months now.  So that’s not new for me.

More rowdy people honestly during Homecoming.  Not that packed in the bars either.  Last St. Patrick’s Day even after midnight there was a lineup to get into a local pub.  If you are wondering why the difference, remember for NYE most of the Queen’s students are out of town.

Kind of ended the regular season NFL picks blogs with a few weeks to go.  After my “Redskins project” there wasn’t much left to do. Will do one for the playoffs though.  Since I’ll be at CFRC Thursday and Friday doing sports.

Queen’s Hockey returns both of those nights at 8:30pm.  Later start time than last season.  Probably something about the Memorial Centre which they’re still using.  If you don’t know they tore down the old arena before they had built a new one.  So they’re at the M-Centre with some practices I’ve heard at 6am because of how the arena is booked.  Queen’s didn’t really plan this well.

Radio show as usual on Friday, does get pre-empted twice for Basketball this month on the 14th and 28th.  I’ll still be there in the studio working on the games.  Throw on some East Coast music during halftime.

Belated Happy New Year to everyone.


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