December 3rd Episode

Uploaded this show and forgot to post it. Show from 2 weeks ago, will upload last week’s show later on.

Tonight’s episode was brand new music for the entire 2 hours. Kendra Gale, Tom Terrell, Shannay Smith, Andrew Doyle, Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers all in this first hour of the show.

Continue the 2 hours of brand new music. Matchstick Mike and the Chain Smoking Alter Boys, Ian Foster, Scott Parsons Band, John Connolly, Ashley Condon, The Olympic Symphonium and wrap it up with Kelly Sloan.

If you missed the show a week ago, I’ll be in doing new shows over the holidays.  Christmas Eve, live as usual.  New Year’s Eve a new show as well.  That might be taped.  I work that night so depending on things I might tape that ahead of time.  Last year I worked Christmas and was off for New Year’s.  This year the opposite.  Either way new content over the holiday season.



  1. Adrian

    Best wishes of the Season, Rob! Enjoy your Christmas holiday – and thanks for all your support of Allison (Crowe) and the community of east coast musicians throughout the year(s)!!

    Touring season is over for us, and a sleeping time begins…

    happy holidays, everyone!! Ad

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