Week 14 Picks

Last week just did the picks on Twitter. In a rushed mood last Sunday. This week done in advance.

Colts over Titans. Thursday night all of a sudden is an important game for the Colts. 6-6 and for them to be at .500 is weird. Manning has been bad the last 3 weeks. But the Titans have been worse since the last Jeff Fisher/Vince Young soap opera. Another team that have ‘quit on their coach’? Cowboys did and Broncos too.

Steelers over Bengals. Usually Cincinnati plays well against their division. However at 2-10 this year I can’t even count on that.

Oakland over Jacksonville. Jags are leading the divison. Still don’t believe in them. Titans aren’t trying, Texans doing the usual choke job and Colts in disarray the last few weeks. I think they’ll make the playoffs but not last long. Raiders beat the Chargers, as I predicted last week. So I see a Raider upset.

Green Bay over Detroit. Lions only 2 wins this year. Playing better this year with not much to show for it.

Giants over Vikings. Brett Favre against a team from New York. If he plays. Brett have any news this season about his time in New York City?

Browns over Bills. Woof.

Bucs over Redskins. Haynesworth suspended for rest of the season. Only smart thing done in 2010 for my team.

Atlanta over Carolina. 10-2 Falcons at 1-11 Panthers….. wow.

Seahawks over 49ers. Yuck. A team from the NFC West has to make the playoffs. Wish it wasn’t the case.

Saints over Rams. St. Louis being in the playoff hunt is amazing. Their division is bad, but Rams have been HORRIBLE for the last few years. To get a playoff game with a rookie QB would be quite a feat.

Chiefs over Chargers. Kingston’s Cory Greenwood plays for the AFC West leading Kansas City Chiefs. Nuff said.

Jets over Dolphins. New York’s loss to the Pats was crazy. I recall a line from the episode of America’s Game on the Raiders SuperBowl victory over the Redskins. Joe Theismann was quoted as saying: ‘They handed us our asses on a silver platter and the platter was bent’. That sums up Monday Night Football. Can’t see them losing after getting embarrassed.

Broncos over Cardinals. Battle of the 3-9 teams. Feel sorry for the local viewers who get stuck with that game.

Patriots over Bears. Still not sold on Chicago. And not picking them after Brady the last few weeks.

Sunday Night, Eagles over Cowboys. Dallas waking up. Too little, too late.

Monday, Ravens over Texans.


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