NFL Week 12

Returning after a week off from doing picks. Last week my birthday along with some other stuff took up a lot of time. Think going forward for the Thursday games I’ll just do a pick on Twitter then write the rest of the picks later on during the weekend.  So a bit rushed today and not a write up for each pick.

Today is U.S. Thanksgiving so 3 games on the docket.

Patriots over Lions. Even Bill Belichick commented on how much better Detroit is, despite their 2-8 record. Most of the time ‘you are what your record are’ like I talked about Buffalo before. But point differential for the Lions is -3 for the entire season. So only 3 less points then they have scored in total. Still picking New England with wins over the Colts and Steelers in recent weeks.

Saints over Cowboys. As if this season wasn’t hard enough to pick now Dallas waking up with a new coach. Game is in Dallas which should help them out. However not sold on Cowboys Stadium as being a huge home field advanatage yet.

Jets over Bengals. Thursday night in NYC. Owens said his own team is horrible so I will agree with him for once.

Onto Sunday, Falcons over Packers. In Atlanta and Matt Ryan at home is tough to beat.

Titans over Texans. This could be a tie. Neither team I’m crazy about.

Vikings over Redskins. Almost had the battle of ‘horrible coaches of 2010’ but Minnesota clued in and fired Childress.

Giants over Jaguars. Both are 6-4. Hard to believe.

Steelers over Bills.

Browns over Panthers.

Chiefs over Seahawks.

Raiders over Dolphins.

Eagles over Bears.

Ravens over Bucs.

Rams over Broncos.

Chargers over Colts. San Diego is Indy’s Kryponite. Winners of 4 of the last 5 including 2 playoff exits for the Colts. Including the forgotten ‘Rivers injured and replaced by Billy Volek’ game. Peyton Manning lost a playoff game to Billy Volek? Chargers also were the team who ended their undefeated regular season a few years back. Season where Steelers won Super Bowl XL.

49ers over Cardinals. Oh my god, that is a bad Monday Night Football game. Two 3-7 teams doing battle. Yuck.


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