NFL Week 10 : Carnell Knowledge

Forgot tonight was the first Thursday night game. Last week I knew it was coming but slipped my mind. So means a quick pick column.

Falcons over Ravens. Both teams are 6-2 so this could be the best game on the 2010 Thursday night schedule. Colts-Titans later this year could be important. Christmas night is a Saturday game and they have a game that night. However it’s Cowboys-Cardinals. Still, better than nothing.

Back to this game. Tough one to pick. Especially since Atlanta has been very good at home over the past few years. How good? Matt Ryan is 17-1 at home as QB. Wanted to pick Baltimore. Going with Atlanta with that crazy stat.

Colts over Bengals. You probably missed Cincinnati almost come back and beat the Steelers. Came to work and they were losing 27-7 early in the 4th quarter Monday night after a Pittsburgh touchdown. Had a chance to win at the very end and lost 27-21.

So who shows up this week against Indy? The team of the first 3 quarters or the one at the end? Don’t know. Picking Indy because they’re coming off a loss to the Eagles. Colts are 5-3 and will be looking for a win in a close divison race.

Browns over Jets. Hey, they beat New England and New Orleans this year.

Vikings over Bears. Chicago a very, flat 5-3.

Titans over Dolphins. Miami hasn’t won at home yet so I’ll go with Randy Moss’ new team.

Jaguars over Texans. I’m giving up on Houston.

Lions over Bills. Buffalo could be the best 0-8 team I’ve seen in years. They’re still 0-8 though.

Bucs over Panthers. Carolina at the end of the season should have the worst record in the league.

Chiefs over Broncos. KC lost to Oakland and they have another division game so I expect them to show up.

Rams over 49ers. St. Louis has the better record.

Giants over Cowboys. Nuff said.

Seahawks over Cardinals? I don’t know. After getting beatdown by the Giants who knows what to expect.

Patriots over Steelers. Sunday night game. Think it will be a very, good one. But have a sneaking feeling it could be a disappointment. Not sure why.

Eagles over Redskins. I have another post about Washington later on.  Too much stuff going on.


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