NFL Week 8 : Carnell Knowledge

Buffalo at Kansas City. CHIEFS.

Bills fought tooth and nail with the Ravens of all teams. Don’t see that for 2 weeks in a row.

Carolina at St. Louis. RAMS.

Rams been horrible for years but finally turning the corner. Carolina might’ve replaced them on the bad team scale. Panthers are bad and not much of an upside with how cheap they are known to be.

Denver vs San Francisco in London, England. 49ers.

Have to pick one of them.

Washington at Detroit. REDSKINS.

Detroit’s first win in 2 years [with that 0-16 season] was against Washington so don’t be surprised if they win.

Green Bay at NY Jets. JETS.

Battle of teams who hate Brett Favre. Both ended up better for him leaving however.

Miami at Cincinnati. DOLPHINS.

Miami bounces back from that close loss to Pittsburgh.

Jacksonville at Dallas. COWBOYS.

Jags have three times the amount of wins as Dallas. Mind boggling. I know Romo is out and I’m still picking Dallas to get their second win of the year.

Tennessee at San Diego. TITANS.

Keep picking against the Chargers.

Tampa Bay at Arizona. BUCS.

Raheem Morris called his team the best in the NFC. Usually that’s a bold statement and the rest of the teams would go nuts. But have you seen the NFC this season? They could be for all I know.

Minnesota at New England. PATRIOTS.

Randy Moss is playing, remember him? Media apparently doesn’t with all it’s ‘Will Brett play or not’ crap this week. He’s an egostical guy and he got another week of talk about him. Good work media folk for falling for him again.

Seattle at Oakland. SEAHAWKS.

Raiders can’t repeate a game where they break their franchise record for points. Seattle a quiet 4-2 and leading their division. Tampa Bay or Seattle in the SuperBowl. Could happen.

Sunday Night, Pittsburgh at New Orleans. STEELERS.

Saints Super Bowl hangover getting worse by the week. Losing to the Browns and not being even a bit close?

Monday Night, Houston at Indy. TEXANS.

I picked Houston to beat them earlier in the year, so why not again. Have to pick an upset or two each week. Indy at home and at night is not a good recipe for a road victory. I’ll try it anyway.

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