NFL Week 5 Picks : Carnell Knowledge

Chicago at Carolina. BEARS

Tough game to pick after Chicago horrible performance against the Giants. Lot of it was Jay Cutler being an idiot and not taking the short passes. He’s not playing this week which is why I’ll take the Bears against the winless Panthers.

Tampa Bay at Cincinnati. BUCS

Bengals are at .500 and Tampa is 2-1.  Bengals are Jekyll and Hide.  Beat Baltimore but will roll over again lesser teams.

St. Louis at Detroit. LIONS

Rams are leading their division, I know it’s the NFC West and they are 2-2.  This is the Rams we’re talking about though.  Detroit 0-4 but very deceptive.  Should’ve beaten Chicago and held their own against Green Bay last week.

New York Giants at Houston. TEXANS

Houston should have the firepower to get by New York.  Won’t act like the Bears on Sunday night either.

Denver at Baltimore. RAVENS

This season has been the hardest one to pick in years.  No powerhouse teams and a tonne near the top who each have some kinks in their armour.  Ravens might be the top team if they didn’t have such a hard time dealing with the Bengals.  Could be like the Colts-Chargers situation.  Indy just has problems with them.  Last 2 playoff meetings San Diego has beaten them.

Atlanta at Cleveland. FALCONS

Browns with a win last week over the Bengals.  Don’t see Atlanta overlooking them.

Kansas City at Indianapolis.  CHIEFS

Might as well go with an upset pick. After Jags beating Indy last week they look as this might be a tough year for the Colts.  Chiefs are the only undefeated team, but this is still an upset.

Jacksonville at Buffalo. JAGUARS.

Unless the Jags are still celebrating their win last week they should beat Buffalo.

Green Bay at Washington. PACKERS

My Redskins did get a win over Philly I didn’t expect.  Although chalk that up to Vick getting injured.  Kolb is not even an adequate QB.  GB did struggle againstDetroit.  Have to pick them over Washington though.

New Orleans at Arizona.  SAINTS

They better be able to beat the Cards.

Tennessee at Dallas.  COWBOYS

Really hard one to pick.  Not like they play each other often.

San Diego at Oakland.  RAIDERS

Why not?  Chargers aren’t playing great on a weekly basis

Philadelphia at San Francisco.  EAGLES

This is the Sunday night game.  Bet NBC which they could change that.  Vick still out and 49ers are 0-4.  Think it will be a close, horribly boring game.

Minnesota at New York Jets.  JETS

Polar opposite of the Sunday nighter.  Randy Moss 1st game in his return to the Vikings.  Favre first time returning to New York against his former team.  Rex Ryan would really enjoy beating them.  And I believe Brett had some story about his time in New York a few days ago.  Google it, but beware what site you go to.

All that adds up to a huge game on Monday.  I can imagine the chants Brett will get for a variety of reasons.


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