NFL Picks Week 4 : Carnell Knowledge

Another week of NFL picks. Another week of not much time. Queen’s got smacked by Western on Saturday. Bigger news was Toronto’s huge upset of the Ottawa Gee-Gees. Varsity Blues now hold the last playoff spot in the OUA and Queen’s wouldn’t even be in right now. So all of a sudden the Thanksgiving weekend game with Toronto visiting Richardson Stadium is a big deal.

Onto the NFL, still haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the CFL game in Moncton. It’s recorded and I saw the pregame but I’m on a crazy stretch of doing something every day till October 23rd or so. Lucky I even found time to type this.

San Francisco at Atlanta. FALCONS

49ers falling apart at the seems. Alex Smith is not a good QB. Finally, the might realize that. Atlanta with an upset over the Saints in overtime last week.

New York Jets at Buffalo. JETS

Jets do seem to have trouble with their New York cousins. Not enough for me to pick an 0-3 team.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh. STEELERS

Toss up since these games are always close and really tough. AFC Championship comes to mind a couple of seasons back.

Carolina at New Orleans. SAINTS

Super Bowl Champs get a nice rebound win after last week.

Denver at Tennessee. TITANS.

Not 2 teams I remember playing each other often. Broncos 0-1 on the road so I’ll use that stat for this pick

Cincinnati at Cleveland. BENGALS.

The clock until Mangini gets fired has begun.

Detroit at Green Bay. PACKERS.

Lions should have at least 1 win. Could see them winning until Green Bay’s horrible performance on Monday. Breaking the franchise record for penalties means they should be on their toes for this week.

Seattle at St. Louis. RAMS.

Beat the Redskins which I should’ve seen coming. Washington has played poorly against them and the Lions in recent times. Playing down to their competition. So with another win against the Seattle Yo-Yos. They could lose by 20 or win by 20 at this point.

Indy at Jacksonville. COLTS.

Florida does not like pro sports for some reason. Jags in Florida hasn’t worked. Tampa Bay Rays are becoming a joke with needing to give away 20,000 tickets. Marlins have 2 World Series but not much of a fanbase. Now at least they credit for somehow getting their local gov’t into giving them money for a new stadium. Amazing they pulled that off. We could even start on the Panthers/Lightning.

Nothing to do with this game exactly. But there might be more Colts fans there on Sunday.

Houston at Oakland. TEXANS.

Houston, you had a chance to knock off the Cowboys. Didn’t happen. They now get the medicine of facing the Raiders. That’s good for a ‘Battle of Texas’ hangover.

Arizona at San Diego. CARDINALS.

Hard to believe but Cards are 2-1 and Chargers 1-2. I’ve always thought San Diego to be overrated. History of slow starts then turning things around. This season feels a bit different.

Washington at Philadelphia. EAGLES.

Eagles have had the Redskins number for most of the last decade. Won’t change even with the Skins now having the Eagles old QB.

Chicago at New York Giants. BEARS.

This is not an ideal Sunday night game. Chicago after a game the other team gave to them. New York hasn’t looked this bad since Kurt Warner was their QB. Those seasons he was bad which made him getting Arizona to a Super Bowl more amazing. From what I’ve heard the brand new stadium in Jersey isn’t well liked. More importantly it doesn’t seem to give the Giants their old home field advantage.

New England at Miami. PATRIOTS.

Miami sometimes gets too ramped up for night games. Like last year when they had the Colts beat. I saw that game, had it won and let it slip away.


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