NFL Picks : Carnell Knowledge Week 2

Carnell Knowledge Week 2

Week 1 is always tough like I said last week, as my 9-7 record which I can argue should be 10-6 with my Detroit prediction. That was a touchdown. My Texans pick came through. Ones I got wrong included the Browns-Bucs, Broncos-Jaguars games which were ‘flip a coin’ games.

Onto the second week of NFL games.

Pittsburgh at Tennesee. TITANS.

Steelers barely beat the Falcons, getting an overtime victory. This game though they’re on the road. Tennessee are 1-0 as well, a win over the Raiders isn’t one to brag about. They should have enough to beat the Steelers sans-Ben.

Baltimore at Cincinnati. RAVENS.

Bengals didn’t show up in the first half. And Owens/Ochocinco even took off too early before the half and missed the hail mary attempt. Ravens to win this match up.

Philadelphia vs Detroit. EAGLES.

Lions QB Stafford won’t be playing. Eagles’ regular QB Kolb is out too. Michael Vick almost won the game against the Packers so can’t see Philly being 0-2.

Arizona at Atlanta. FALCONS.

Coin flip.

Miami at Minnesota. VIKINGS.

Not confident with this pick. Favre didn’t look great and the whole team seemed a bit off. Being in the Metrodome should help them a lot get back to form.

Kansas City at Cleveland. CHIEFS.

I saw the Chiefs win, with Kingston’s Cory Greenwood. Delhomme is Delhomme.

Tampa Bay at Carolina. BUCS.

Another week with some games I would not want to watch. Carolina’s QB has a concussion as well. And the owners want to add 2 extra regular season games to the schedule?

Buffalo at Green Bay. PACKERS.

Too bad this game wasn’t later in the season. Battle of cold weather cities in September isn’t as impressive. Bills put up a fight or Miami played badly last week? Not sure.

Chicago at Dallas. COWBOYS.

Bears should have lost and Cowboys should have won last week. Simple as that.

Seattle at Denver. SEAHAWKS.

Don’t know where the hell that Seattle beatdown of San Francisco came from. Seeing as Denver lost last week I’ll go with another Seattle win. Not a long road trip for the Seahawks either.

Rams at Raiders. RAMS.

I’m picking the Rams to win a game? When it’s St. Louis and Oakland one sucky franchise of the past 5-7 years has to win.

Jacksonville at San Diego. JAGUARS.

Chargers lose to KC on Monday. Now they’re in danger of having their home opener blacked out in San Diego due to not enough tickets being sold. Insult to injury. Meanwhile the “kings of the blackout” the Jags had a huge turnout just too see Tebow. Mentioned it last week and turned out to be true. Stupid, but true. Even read from an NFL player that he thinks Jacksonville is done as an NFL town. Yet, I’ll pick them over SD.

New England at New York Jets. PATRIOTS.

A team that runs it mouth can’t back it up? I’m shocked. I was surprised how flat they were on Monday. Especially on offense. HORRID. After that performance you get a visit from Tom Brady. Congrats NY.

Houston at Washington. TEXANS.

Who picked Houston last week? I did. Finally took down the Colts. Such a big game my Mom finally heard of the team. Apparently some morning news mentioned the win and she asked “how long has there been a team called the Texans?”. Sure, that shows how low on the radar they have been. I’ll take the positive that the win was so big my Mom noticed the team exists.

My team is the Redskins and they didn’t look good. If not for the lineman who got 3 holding penalties the Cowboys would have won.

Sunday night, New York Giants at Colts. GIANTS.

“Manning Bowl II”. First one Indy won in New York, so I’ll go with the flip side in this one. Troubling for Indy is how they got run over by Houston. Giants like to run the ball and looks like Bob Sanders for the Colts is done for another season. For every game he’s started in his career he has also missed a game. 47-48 if I recall. He’s the reason they won the Super Bowl that season. Before he got back in the playoffs their defense was horrible. He’s a sparkplug that turned them around.

Eli vs Peyton is the main storyline. All the Peyton talk and Eli has the same amount of Super Bowl rings. One a piece which ties them in the decade with Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson. Who needs a big name QB to win a Super Bowl?

Monday night beatdown, New Orleans at San Francisco. SAINTS.

Unless the 49ers wake up this could be ugly.


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