Interview on Friday about RCW 139

Friday on the show back live in the studio. Interview I taped last week with Stephane Racle about RCW 139. It’s an event happening August 13th-15th in Toronto for fans of the show Due South. They’ve done this before in the past and are doing again this summer. RCW 149 will have people from the show there along with an RCMP panel. More information on their website.

Due South is a show I watched when it originally aired and in reruns afterwards. So I know the history of the show. Which is a unique one. Here is a history of the show from a Paul Gross fan page. They will have a presence at the event.

One thing you notice reading about the show is some of the writing staff who went onto other things. Created by Paul Haggis, who went on to write Million Dollar Baby, Crash and Casino Royale. Then something I didn’t find out till after the interview so I can pass it along here. Was thinking that Due South was good at going from comedy to drama that some programs don’t do well. Currently I’m a fan of House and thought they do a similar good job. Didn’t bring up while talking to Stephane since it was off-topic. Turns out it was on-topic.

House was created by David Shore who is from London, Ontario. Guess what show David worked on in the mid 1990’s? Due South. David was a writer on some episodes along with credits for story editor and program consultant. When it comes to different characters Benton Fraser and Gregory House are pretty much as different as you can get.

More details after the interview airs then I can link to that here on the blog. There is also a Twitter account and Facebook page for RCW 139.

Confirmed are David Marciano, Jay Semko, Kevin Rushton one of the stuntman on the show. Paul Gross is interested in coming.  Others who might come depending on scheduling are Camilla Scott, Ken Quinn, Ramona Milano, Tom Melissis, Steve DiMarco, Tony Craig, Catherine Bruhier and Jim Bracchitta.

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