NHL Round 2/Congrats Neate

On Friday it was a rerun of the episode with Con O’Brien from the Irish Descendants from a month ago. I’ll be doing the show throughout the summer months.  Once in a while though I’ll take a week off.  Either a rerun or tape a show.

Didn’t do great with Round 1 picks, and Round 2 of the NHL playoffs has already begun. Think they’ll all be long series.  Although if Montreal plays like that Pittsburgh will have it easy.

Penguins in 6, Bruins in 6, Blackhawks in 7 and Red Wings in 7.

Will pick against the Sharks until they win the Cup.  Their history of choking is that bad.  Unless we get Sharks/Canucks.  Then it’s two teams who haven’t gotten as far as their expectations have been in the last decade or so.

Congratulations to Neate Sager who is moving full time as a blogger for Yahoo Sports. People who listened to “Offsides” on CFRC will remember Tyler King called him “blogger extraordinaire” when he was a frequent guest.



Too bad Kingston doesn’t have a Junior Hockey team playing in the new arena that Neate could write about.  I kid.


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