Link to April 9th Episode

Starting to catch up on episodes. If you’ve checked recently the CFRC website recently you’ll see the archive isn’t working. So right now this will be the only way to listen to shows. Catching up first with the most recent show from last Friday. Some more news about the show this week. But that will be saved for another post.

Start off the show with some blues from New Brunswick with tracks from ‘Piggyback’ a disc that has Matt Anderson teaming up with Mike Stevens.

Followed by The Irish Descendants who were in the news with a change in the band’s lineup.

End the first hour with Allison Crowe’s new CD ‘Spiral’ as I just got in the mail a few days earlier. Also throw in a live cover of a Jewel song she did a few years ago

Start off the second hour with some more from Allison Crowe’s CD ‘Spiral’. Also end the hour with what I believe is a fan recording of her doing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ live in concert.

Some indie bands from PEI as well. One song each from English Words, Solid Gold Workout & Milks and Rectangles.

Continue with PEI artists with some tracks from Nathan Wiley. New CFRC volunteer Laura who was shadowing the broadcast enjoyed Nathan’s CD a lot. I think this hour you might hear a cell phone ring in the background. That was Laura’s but I made the same mistake starting off as well. 🙂

Mix of Ian Foster’s two releases from 2009 towards the end of the program this week.


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