ECMA Weekend

Cape Breton holding the East Coast Music Awards this weekend.  More than just an award show with a lot of musicians playing all weekend along with conferences and meetings.  Bit of bad timing with some movie award going on Sunday night.  And the ECMA’s aren’t on TV at all this year.  Just online.  Although the last 2 years it hadn’t  been the best TV coverage.  Last year was only 1 hour tape delayed late night on CBC.  Year before nothing on Sunday night only a taped hour long thing weeks later with Stephen Page, still of Barenaked Ladies at the time.

So check the websites on Sunday.

Radio ECMA is also broadcasting all weekend. Visit the website for The Coast 89.7 FM.  People stopping by.

After all the Olympic blogs didn’t feel up to following it with much this week.  My energy petered out more quickly than I thought. Was going to watch some video I missed but haven’t watched a second.  I’ll try next week leading to the Paralympics.


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