Rerun Tonight

Bit under the weather so a rerun will air tonight.  Did get into the station to tape a new intro.  Mentioned Matt Andersen who plays the Grand Theatre on Monday Night.  Tickets still available so visit the website.  Some blues from New Brunswick hitting town.

The episode is the interview with Allison Crowe from September.  Along with her music for the full show.  Did mention her new CD is finished and coming out on March 17th.  During our interview she was still working on the disc.  It’s called “Spiral” and you can visit her website.

The Olympic-esque blog will return tomorrow.  Didn’t watch as much as I had been earlier on the last couple of days.  So an extra day should help. In case you want to hear tonight’s episode early I might as well give you a link to it.  Already online.  Full 2 hours and I edited out the September football references.  Would’ve been a bit jarring to people listening on the radio in February.


  1. Adrian

    hi Rob!

    I hope you’re out from under the weather soon!!

    Thanks so much for this show. It reminds me how we got to this point!

    Yes, Allison’s new album Spiral is complete musically. Just now working on cover art for the CD, and all should be rolling toward’s St. Patrick’s Day release! hehe

    You did say Kayla Schmah rightly ( : Kayla was scoring a 70 piece orchestra for a movie, so, she was busy with that for a good portion of the Winter. Really, though, we’ve benefited from the time that’s allowed for life and elements to unfold.

    We’ll get you the album as soon asap.

    Thanks again, and best of the New Year to you and all Salt Water folks!

    Sláinte mhaith, Adrian

    • Robert

      Recorded the voiceover in one take since I wanted to get home and sleep. Was combination of feeling bad and bad weather. Slush, wet snow. Horrible walking over after work. Got home and got a full amount of sleep.

      Glad I got the name right. Read everything off the websites quickly. Worked out. 🙂

  2. Adrian

    Sometimes, things work, hey!

    I’m a bit off today. Not sure why, transition between seasons…

    I’ll be in touch very soon, and maybe we can get you a song before the album is out.

    In any event, take care.

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