Olympic-esque Blog Day 5

Another Gold medal. Missed this one too. Stayed up to late afternoon [like 3 or 4am to regular people] and saw the end of Canada-Norway curling. Would have seen Maelle Ricker win Snowboard Cross but weather delays again. And even worse headaches with the weather as VANOC canceled another 20,000 general admission tickets. Worth about $1.5 Million. Ouch.

Weather delay meant I did see James Duthie talking to Jamie Campbell about the delays. Most people probably saw it as a TSN anchor talking to one from Sportsnet. Not me. They both were the local sports anchors at the CTV affiliate in Ottawa, CJOH. At different times so they never worked together. Which means they both worked with Max Keeping who is retiring soon from CJOH. Max is from Newfoundland and has been at CJOH for decades. Really bad news recently with the fire at the station which gutted it. Some friends from college work there and I found out about the fire from Facebook on a Sunday morning. Bit lucky though that the A-Channel station in town is under the same corporate umbrella so they’ve moved the newscasts over there.

I hope Jamie stops saying “it’s a great country” soon though. Laying it on a tad thick.

CTV Olympic coverage still sloppy. Tuesday morning they had Jan Onrait standing next to a big screen TV. Twice that morning I saw these words beside Jay on my non-HD screen.


Hmm, should say Olympic Update. Maybe a mistake like that could happen the first day. Even then I would say no. You’ve had months of prep time how does something as simple as that get by. And this was me watching it on Day 5. Most people don’t have HDTV so you have to frame the screen accordingly. Sloppy. I took TV Broadcasting in college so I’m familiar with doing camera. Shoot for a “safe area” that can be seen by everyone. This is something the director should catch as well.

Olympic Morning has become a running joke. Tuesday some MTV Canada people talking to Andre Phillipe Gagnon for an entire segment. For reasons unknown. Then Gino Reda spoke to Wayne Gretzky for a segment. Wayne and Andre were on for the equal amount of time on the morning show.

Hang on, Darren Dutchyshen is knocking on my door. I’ll be right back….

He had some champagne and wanted to know if he could “help” out. Told him I can handle this one on my own. He left saying something about an “icon”.


Hockey has begun. Yawn. I have never watched since the pros joined in 1998. Just look at this morning’s SportsCentre. More time discussing Canada-Norway than a Gold Medal victory. It was 8-0, why are you wasting all that time talking about it? Side effect of the pros is overshadowing everything else. It was the IOC wanting the US Dream Team in Basketball so it purely was a cash grab.

One story had a funny ending for me. Zamboni is a brand name for an ice resurfacing machine. But it’s become like Kleenex is to tissue. People use both names back and forth. But for these games they went with Olympias which were more “green”. Only problem is they were horrible. First one on Monday caused problems. So they brought in another one. Same thing. Went with a third Olympia. Same thing.

Bad enough that VANOC air lifted a gas powered Zamboni from Calgary. One headline “Never Fear Zamboni is Here”. Something else VANOC has screwed up. Not a good games for them. Column from the Vancouver Sun.


Can see a picture of the Olympic cauldron behind a chain link fence. Nice.

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