Olympic-esque Blog Day 4

With my strange midnight hours it led to some weird tv watching. Family Day meant almost everything was closed. When you hear Walmart isn’t open that’s a sign there is not much to do in the city.  Stayed up into late afternoon then fell asleep.  Working 11pm-7am means your day is backwards.  Get used to it but your first night off after a work week you just kind of do nothing but rest.

Flicking around around 3am and I find the Gold medal presentation on NBC Detroit of all things. Overnight they are re-running the primetime show with Bob Costas. So I got the “Live” version just a few hours later.

Kudos to Costas for saying that Australian got rich from an “online internet scheme”. Other stations say it’s a business but it’s not. Online advertising that’s been linked to invasive software and spam. That’s a version of a con-man I would say. ‘Click here you might have a virus’ or something along those lines I imagine.

Lost in all of the Canadian coverage is that….. the Australians don’t like him either. Their media is the one who found out about his interent business and a headline ran “Spam Man Wins Gold”. And this from another Aussie newspaper.

“Has there ever been a more unloved, more unlauded, more unpopular Australian Olympic champion than Dale Begg-Smith?”

Sometimes things do work out in sports. Alexandre wins the Gold and the jerk doesn’t.

Saw the 500m rerun. Jeremy Wotherspoon finished 9th. His first Olympics he finished with a Silver. Since then it’s like he’s had a mental block. Falling down at the start in 2002 and admitting to being too cautious in 2006 with another 9th place finish. World record holder in the 500m and all the fans were cheering for him. Even fans of other countries, He’s a skater with more World Cup wins than anyone else. His competitors have said before they are all puzzled by his struggles at the Olympics.

Short post today. Slept through most of the coverage. Catching up now.


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