Monday Wrap-up

Only caught the end of the Grey Cup, but that was the only part that mattered.  I will copy my Facebook status.

“As a Bruins fan I’d like to welcome the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the “too many men penalty against Montreal in a big playoff game” club. After 30 years we have company.”

Got to sleep later than usual so when I got up Montreal had won and I heard about how they won. Luckily had TSN on the PVR and rewound it.  Damn.  Talk about a game where the losing team really did give away the victory.

I forgot earlier to mention Mike Giffin is on the Montreal roster.  He didn’t play last week with an injury and was questionable for the Grey Cup.  So either was Queen’s was going to have an alumni on the winning side.

TSN’s technical problems continued.  As I watched TSN The Reporters Sunday morning I saw a graphic for the TV schedule that afternoon.

“2009 Grey Cup : Blue Jays vs Tigers”

Wow.  And to make sure I didn’t imagine that with my lack of sleep Chris Zelkovich saw it as well.

Another columnist at The Toronto Star mentioned missed plays by the cameramen and announcers as well during the Vanier Cup.–woolsey-roughriders-no-1-in-fans-feverish-fervour

TSN pushed the blame for the Vanier Cup errors.  So it was fitting that graphic thing happened to show the last 2 weekends of errors were not just someone else’s fault.

If you are “Canada’s Sports Leader” then stop making excuses.  They had too much coverage on the weekend for their resources it came back to bit them. Queen’s/Calgary suffered as I heard the halftime show was spent on the Grey Cup.  How about talking about the game at hand?

Let’s hope these problems don’t come up at the Olympics.  If they can’t handle Queen’s/Calgary properly I’m not hopeful for all the sports they have to help cover.

The Score had much better coverage this season when they were handling CIS Football.  They are 3rd place among the sport stations and games on The Score didn’t have all those technical issues.

Other blogs about the Vanier Cup.

By the way, it is still stupid the Grey Cup is only available on cable TV now.  Should be TSN doing the game for CTV so more Canadians can watch.  Last year I found out the contract between TSN and the CFL does not allow that. Not everyone has cable/satellite.  I still read about many fans who can’t watch the game across the country.

Now we’re in the situation where the SuperBowl is on CTV but you have to have pay to watch the Grey Cup.  Slightly backwards.

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