U.S. Thanksgiving Day Football Picks

With 3 Thursday games in honour of American Thanksgiving I better do an early post this week.  So happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, and family members living in the U.S.

First up this afternoon Green Bay vs Detroit.  Lions with a great win last Sunday, especially after you see the NFL films footage of Stafford since he had a microphone on during the game.  After he got hit you can really hear how much in pain he was in.  Told the coach couple of minutes later he could throw the ball and went in and got the winning TD.

Best part was him on the bench awaiting the extra point.  Still in pain but able to get out this about the kicker “Come on Jason Hanson, do what they pay you for baby”  Couldn’t have written that, especially that he said the kicker’s first and last name.  In case we weren’t sure who he was talking about. 🙂


4 minutes in is after the hit.

After all of that, Stafford isn’t playing today.  Damn.  So I’ll go with Green Bay, but they better not take Detroit for granted.

4:15pm game is Oakland at Dallas.  Cowboys should win this but after that terrible performance against the Redskins I’m not positive.  A 7-6 win?  Stars-Capitals could have a 7-6 game.

Night game Giants vs Broncos.  NY with the win here.  Last year Denver fell apart but had a different QB and coach.  Must something in the Colorado water lately.  I wasn’t sold on the Broncos and when I finally picked them they started their losing streak.  Go figure.

Sunday games I’ll go through quickly.

Dolphins over Bills, Seahawks over Rams, Eagles over Redskins, Falcons over Bucs, Texans over Colts [one of these times Houston will beat them], Bengals over Browns, Panthers over Jets, Chargers over Chiefs, Jags over 49ers, Titans over Cards, Vikings over Bears and Ravens over Steelers.

Monday night Patriots vs Saints in New Orleans.  Hmmm.  If it was a Sunday game I’d barely pick the Pats.  But Saints at home on a Monday night is going to ramp them up even further.  New Orleans by 3.

I won’t be watching much of the Grey Cup. But easy pick of the Roughriders over the Als.  Montreal chokes in this game on a frequent basis.  1-6 record the last 7 times!  That’s insane.

Kingston’s Rob Bagg is with Saskatchewan.  He was with Queen’s when I started at CFRC so be nice for him to win.

As for Saturday’s Vanier Cup I’ll pick Queen’s over Calgary.  Wild guess of a score of 35-28.  But honestly I don’t know much about Calgary’s team.

Kick off at 12pm with a pregame starting around 11am on CFRC.  It’s getting a lot of attention in town.  The Ale House downtown is opening at 11am on Saturday for the game.  Wow, for a Queen’s football game.

It’s on TSN for those who want to watch the game.  But who wrote the TSN promos for the Vanier Cup?  It keeps saying Canada’s COLLEGE football championship.

No.  The U.S. has College Football we have University Football.  Why The Score calls their coverage “University Rush”.  Very sloppy mistake from TSN.  And I’ve seen different ads in which say ‘college’.

Friday’s show I think I’m going to play a lot of songs from The Band’s The Last Waltz.  Bring out the hour I played on Canadian Thanksgiving.  Then some bonus songs I have.  With one of the boxsets they had songs from the rehearsal of the concert.  Very rare to hear those.

Next Friday finally back LIVE on the show.  First week in December by the time that rolls around.  Will have Neate Sager on to talk about the Queen’s Football season, win or lose.



Now offline for a while.  Watch some NFL football this afternoon.


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