Torch Run/Friday’s Show

Not sure how many readers might be in St. John’s and have some free time Friday afternoon.  In case there is, you can see the Olympic Torch run go through town.  Friday’s show I’m re-airing the interview with Toni Marie Wiseman from this past summer.  She has the torch at 4:24pm Newfoundland time tomorrow.  From her Facebook page.

“I’d love to have people come cheer me on Friday when I’m carrying the Torch I start at Cabot Tower at 4:24pm. (Friday the 13th–Yikes!)”

It won’t be airing live on NTV, from what I can tell.  Possibly shown on tape during Friday’s news but that’s not confirmed.  With the internet I’m sure there will be pictures and video up soon enough.

So tonight at 6pm Toni’s interview from this past summer and music for 2 hours.  Some of her picks and other Newfoundland artists.  I also give my football pick for Queen’s-Western at the start of Hour 2.  Going with Queen’s but I forget if I said by 7 points or not.  I taped it Monday morning so it’s been a few days.

Show with Robin Meade is on as well, forgot to put up a link before.

Looks like I didn’t upload the first hour, but the interview was during the second hour.  I might go in and take out the interview separately for another link.  Make it a shorter download but that won’t be till next week.  Middle of working 6 nights in a row, so I’m busy. LOL.

Thanks again to Robin and Toni Marie for doing both interviews.

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