Back to Queen’s football on Saturday with the playoff game against McMaster.  So a taped show on Friday.  Still figuring out what the show will be on Friday.  Worked six nights in a row so that messed up my plan to tape it earlier.

No prediction yet for the game on Saturday.  I’ll have to come up with one but this one is up in the air.  They did play earlier in the season but this is a rare case where that really doesn’t help figure things out.  Queen’s won 8-7 but more to the story.

Brannagan was knocked out of that game and the backup was put in. However on the McMaster side they had some changes as well.  Ryan Fantham was the QB earlier in the season but Kyle Quinlan has taken over since then and led them to that road victory last week in Ottawa.

Leaning towards Queen’s but the Marauders been playing quite well as of late and I don’t think Queen’s being at home affects anything.

On the Olympic front, congratulations to Toni Marie Wiseman on being chosen to be one of the torch bearers.  She mentioned it on her Facebook page last night.  The torchbearer uniform just came in the mail and she gave some details on her part of the relay.

“My leg is from Cabot Tower to the Queen’s Battery sign. 4:30pm November 13. Yep FRIDAY the 13th.”

I don’t believe in bad luck on that day, but if you do that’s not the best date to be carrying the Olympic torch in front of people.  ha ha.  So if you know anyone in St. John’s you can pass the word along that they can see the relay next week.

“I wonder if anyone will be there to cheer me on? Gosh, I never thought of that. Am I suppose to ask people to come? Eeeeks.”

I’m sure they’ll be people there to see her. I mentioned how she worried a bit about our phone interview for the show this past summer. So imagine how she might be for this?  At least it’s happening quickly.


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