Live on Friday for an hour

Back to doing the show live on Friday, but it’s only an hour this week.  Hockey game at 7pm EST.

CFRC, the only radio station in Kingston that now has live local hockey broadcasts.  None of the stations in town wanted to pick up the Kingston Frontenacs games so a station in Napanee got them.  A town over 40 km away from the arena.  I’ll be writing a longer post about that.  Which might also be popping elsewhere on the web.  More details later on.

So I’ll be playing some new music on Friday during the shorter episode.  Be nice not having to tape it ahead of time after 7 weeks.


One comment

  1. Wendy Wall

    Was just checking out your show on the CFRC website. It looks like a good one. I host a folk-roots show on CFUV at the University of Victoria. Mine is not a celtic or maritime program but I do play some. I thought you might be interested to know that a local Victoria fiddle/guitar duo, Qristina & Quinn Bachand, just got nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the young performers category. Qristina just turned 19. Quinn is just 13. Their debut CD is called ‘Relative Minors’ and is all celtic tunes, some are originals. If your station doesn’t have a copy of the CD, let me know and I’ll get them to send you one. Have a good show tomorrow.

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