Golden Gaels Streak Ends/NFL Week 7

Queen’s lost their first regular season game since October 2007 today against Laurier.  Laurier was playing to get a 1st round bye which they ended up getting.  So you know they were going to go all out.  Win or lose Queen’s had nothing to gain and I thought they should sit a lot of starters in the 2nd half.  Especially after last year’s injury to Mike Giffin.

Which they didn’t do. Assume part of that was wanting another undefeated season, but trying to help Brannagan get the passing record might’ve been part of it.  When your QB is still in the game in the 4th quarter of a meaningless game for the team there has to be a extra reasons.  Especially since he’s had 2 concussions in the last 2 seasons.  Should play it safe. Luckily no big injuries out of this game.

My pre-season prediction was 6-2 for Queen’s so I was close.

Brannagan did have the all time CIS passing record, for about half an hour it sounds like.  Michael Faulds of Western passed him with 550 passing yards as Western hammered Toronto.

Next game is November 7th in Kingston as Queen’s host the lowest seed out of the remaining teams.  Which will be McMaster, Ottawa or Guelph.  2 out of those 3 teams gave Queen’s a fight earlier in the season.

Guelph was involved in that crazy 52-49 Labour Day game which the Golden Gaels won on a last second field goal.  Few days later McMaster came to town and it was an opposite type of game.  8-7 win for Queen’s, in what might have been the worst game I’ve been a part of in 4 seasons.  Sitting through that one was a chore.

We have Queen’s hockey next Friday night, so my return to doing Salt Water Music “live” will be a shorter edition.  About an hour or so as Queen’s plays McGill at 7pm.

Onto NFL Week 7 picks.  Try to buzz through these ones.

Packers over Browns, 49ers over Texans, Chargers over Chiefs, Vikings over Steelers, Colts over Rams, Patriots over Bucs [in England], Panthers over Bills, Jets over Raiders, Bears over Bengals, Falcons over Cowboys, Saints over Dolphins, Giants over Cardinals and Eagles over Redskins.

Not picking Redskins for the rest of the season after this dumb week.  Even dumber than usual for Washington.  Pulling the play calling duties away from the head coach in an effort to make him quit.  Thanks to Hall of Famer Steve Largent for getting the story out on what happened.

Still think Zorn will be fired but this has made the management look more horrible.  Now I’m glad Zorn didn’t quit because that was Dan Snyder’s way of not wanting to pay him.  Since when does Dan care about spending?  $100 Million on one player in the offseason says otherwise.

Could be worse, Redskins still aren’t as bad as the Maple Leafs have been so far.  Ouch.

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