Wednesday Update

About yesterday’s post, I now have the proper spelling thanks to a comment from Jesilou last night.

Hi Mr. Carnell,

I found your blog through following the links from your Twitter page. Thanks for blogging about Tyler and me. It was a pleasure to meet him yesterday and he’s clearly very talented.

Also, thanks for pointing out the multiple misspellings of my name on the article. Just when I thought my name couldn’t be more of a typo!

Have a good week and keep up your great work.

– Jesilou

After the blog I found her Twitter page so I had the right spelling but I had already posted.  For those who Tweet here is her page.

Having a computer about to kick the bucket so I’m dealing with that.  Luckily not my main computer but it’s still a pain.  Some files on there I have to get off.

I’ll upload the last episode of the radio show late tonight.  Unless this computer does something strange too.

Redskins lost to the Chiefs, like I said they would but the Skins’ coach is still there.  The owner is horrible and I don’t know when it will turn around.  At least I’m a big NFL fan so the fact Washington is horrible doesn’t affect me too much.  Rather follow the rest of the league as my team does a downward spiral, again.


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