Technical Glitch

Looks like a rerun for tomorrow, found out that last week there was a technical problem at the station.  First hour never aired.  Oops.  Luckily someone caught it and the 2nd hour got played, so for tomorrow I’ll just rerun last week’s show. Possibly with a voiceover explaining why I keep talking about Thanksgiving a week late. 🙂

Did realize after I put it together “not many people will be hearing this episode with the long weekend”.  So it works out in a way.  Saves me taping a new show too.

Saturday is Queen’s/Western.  TV ad in the Kingston area getting a bit carried away though calling it an “Instant Classic”.  Tone down the hype boys.  It’s a big game but that doesn’t say anything about the quality of it.  Not topping the Labour Day game this year Queen’s had against Guelph which ended 52-49.

The game is on TV.  ‘The Score’ is airing it nationwide which means TV timeouts, so the game will drag a bit longer on radio.  More stoppages in play to deal with.

Light at the end of the tunnel, only 2 regular season games left for my crazy schedule.  Then should get a week off with a 1st round bye [not guaranteed yet].  A Saturday when I can get a full amount of sleep before work?  Should be nice.


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