Flu Bug

Been a flu bug going around at work and it’s finally gotten to me.  Think I slept 12 hours yesterday.  Was going for a nap and just kept sleeping.

Messed up my plans this week.  Uploading the last episode will wait a bit longer, with The Band in Hour 1 and the Robin Meade interview in Hour 2.

Friday’s show I’m going to pull out a rerun.  Maybe the 2 hours with Ian Foster since it was his birthday last week.  Try to tape a voiceover explaining to listeners it is a rerun.  But we’ll see how my voice is holding up.

Flu is one where people have a chest cold and you cough a lot.  Fun.  But the forecast of flurries isn’t happening so I’m glad about that.  It’s -1 C right now so it would be snow but no precipitation for the next few days.


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