NFL Week 5

Queen’s wins again to move to 6-0.  Danny Brannagan became the OUA all time leader in passing yards as well.  That made it on the front page of and a story in the Canadian Press.  Final score was 43-21, but those last 2 TD’s by Waterloo were late in the contest when it was already over.

The Golden Gaels have won 16 regular season games in a row, so not much else to say about today’s game.  Onto week 5 of the NFL and a bad week of games. Only 3 games will have teams with winning records against each other.  Onto the predictions.

Ravens over Bengals.  Baltimore will not want to lose two in a row, especially in a battle for 1st place in the division.

Bills over Browns.  And the “can I pick neither?” games begin.  Buffalo should win this.

Panthers over Redskins.  I’m waiting for my team to get a new coach.  I know they won’t hire a new one right away but Jim Zorn has to go.  Guess who interviewed for the head coaching position of the Redskins before Zorn was hired? Mike Singletary.  Too bad they can’t get a new owner.

Steelers over Lions.  Detroit has been putting up a fight this season, but I think Pittsburgh should win.

Cowboys over Chiefs.  If Romo can’t beat Kansas City, damn.

Giants over Raiders.  This could be a blowout.

Eagles over Bucs.  Tampa is worse than I thought.

Vikings over Rams.  Again, this could be a blowout.

49ers over Falcons.  Probably game of the week, which isn’t saying much but I like this matchup.

Texans over Cardinals.  Both teams could score a lot, or stink up the joint.

Patriots over Broncos.  They had to postpone the Rockies-Phillies playoff game because of snow in Denver. So this should be the first cold weather game of the season.

Seahawks over Jags.  Hope you’re not stuck watching this one.

Colts over Titans.  Please, enough from people saying “Titans still have a chance this season”.  0-4 and their defense is bad.  Ranked 31st against the pass and they get the Colts this week.  Hello 0-5.

Jets over Dolphins.  Talk about a drop off from last Monday Night’s game.  They’re not getting over 21 million people watching this one.


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