Robin Meade on upcoming show

Wanted to wait till I had done the interview to mention this one.  Took a few months of planning and emails but I spoke to Robin Meade from HLN [formerly Headline News] this morning.

She wrote a new book that came out this past month and since I’ve watched the show for a few years thought I might as well give it a try.  Authors do radio interviews to help promote the book so I threw my hat in.  The long version will wait for another post.  Need to head to bed.

Robin was very nice and generous with her time.  Knew she was phoning at 10am but forgot to check how long she had to speak with me.  Oops.  Went close to 30 minutes which was longer than I thought. Thanks to Robin, especially since she’s on the book tour today and tomorrow.  She’s doing some book signings in her home state of Ohio.  These will be some long days.

I’ll air it next Friday as this week is almost done.  And I wasn’t sure how long we were going to chat for.  Gives more time to spread the word too.

You’ll get to hear me tell her one big Canadian/American difference of a certain beverage she liked.  If you read the book you’ll know what drink she used to like a lot in Chicago.  [Nothing to do with alcohol.  Come on. LOL.]

A lot of Canadians don’t even know there is a difference between the countries when it comes to this one.

I quickly mentioned the Facebook page at the end as I found out Brent Maclean from The Lever Pulled also watches Robin.  She said she does read the comments during the commercial break and knows there are a lot of Canadian viewers.  So feel free to visit that page.

And places to get the book online in Canada.  I’d recommend it to viewers of the show and people interesting in how someone dealt with panic attacks.  She started having them after being in TV for a few years but pulled through it.  Came close to quitting which is hard to imagine if you see her on TV now.

Also a fun read for someone like me who is in broadcasting. Always interesting to read about how other people started out.

Made the NY Times Bestseller’s list on the “Advice, How-To, and Miscellaneous” section.  “Advice and How To” is a category that makes sense.  But adding the word Miscellaneous?  That’s vague.

Now off to bed, up quite late being on midnights.  Funny thing as I ended the phone call, Robin told me to get some rest.  When a morning TV person is saying that, you know you have strange hours. 🙂

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