NFL Week 3

Another thrashing of York by Queen’s today.  67-0 which is not as bad as last year’s 80-0 win but still makes for a boring game to sit through.

Those interested in the “Fauxcoming” street party on Aberdeen Street this year check out the Queen’s Journal Twitter feed.  They have been updating all night.

From the reports there was less people than previous years and the police were taking a hardline.  About time.  Giving leeway really doesn’t work in cases like this with people coming from out of town just to get drunk and trash things.

Talking about rowdy crowds, time for the NFL’s Week 3.

Ravens over Browns since Baltimore looks like the best team in the AFC right now.

Redskins over Lions, but I’m not very certain about this one.

Texans over Jags.  Houston woke up last week so should be able to get another win.

Vikings over 49ers in what should be a good game

Patriots over Falcons since I’m not sold on Atlanta yet.

Eagles over Chiefs.  With the Philly QB situation Chiefs have a shot at winning but I don’t see it happening.

Packers over Rams.  Rams, ugh.

Giants over Bucs.  Jets over Titans.  Picking both NY teams this week.

Saints over Bills.  New Orleans offense is too much for Buffalo.

Bears over Seahawks.  Not excited about either team but I’ll go with Chicago.

Steelers over Bengals.  Bengals surprised last week over Green Bay, but a division rival will not take them lightly.

Broncos over Raiders and Chargers over Dolphins.  Not much to see in those games.

Sunday Night Colts over Cards and for Monday Cowboys over Panthers.


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