Sept. 25th Show/Allison Crowe

Would’ve posted during the week but spent my 2 days off fighting a flu.  But I already have up the episode from Friday night with Allison Crowe online.  Didn’t divide it up into separate hours, it’s the full 2 hours in one shot.

I play both CD’s “Little Light” and “Tidings” in their entirety.  Along with 2 covers at the end.  One of Radiohead’s Creep which is new to the show.

Since it’s exactly 3 months till Christmas I thought it be OK to play Christmas music. 🙂



  1. Adrian

    The news reports suggested there’d be crazy things happening at Queen’s… and, sounds like truth foretold!

    The radio has flashed back to the free-form DJing of the ’60s/’70s, with entire albums being played in sequence. And, it’s coming on Christmas!

    Whatever is in the water, may you enjoy it, and drive safely ( :

    thanks, & peace, Ad

    (oy, and I first posted this comment to the wrong program date…)

  2. Robert

    Much quieter than previous years though, cops were not in the mood to take any crap this time. 🙂

    Part of the idea to play them in the entirety was I had a flu on my days off from work when I was originally going to tape the show.

    So I put the music together at home and just went in to record my voiceover part. Much quicker visit to the station and ended up probably making a better episode.

    Lemons into Lemonade so to speak. lol.

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