Queen’s vs Guelph Recap

Good thing about using Twitter during the game yesterday it saves me typing a long recap.  From Labour Day, my live Twitter updates during the game.   Including two surprise phone calls I got during the game.

Queen’s vs Guelph on CFRC, kick-off at 2pm. http://www.cfrc.ca 101.9FM I’ll either be working on it with little or no sleep. Should be fun. 🙂

During halftime today on CFRC….. no clue. Might be something from the stadium, but could be me reading some scores and playing music.

Just helped a caller from Halifax connect to CFRC online. Yep, Halifax. I tell people the station has a wide reach. 🙂

Broadcast has begun. Think the audio levels of the the two guys have evened out. One headset can’t hear what’s on air. Oops.

Brannagan throws an early INT, Guelph had a 1st goal and scored. Under 2 mins in and Guelph up by a TD.

7-0 Guelph, 13:07 to go in the first quarter….. not a good start

Dunk fumbles in the red zone and Queen’s recovers the ball.

Golden Gaels return the favour by fumbling the ball back to Guelph. Sloppy contest early on.

Dan Brannagan’s grandfather called in, trying help him to listen online. Computer issues. 😦

11-0 Guelph by the way, got busy with the phone call.

11-7 Guelph after Queen’s gets their first TD of the season in the 2nd quarter

Jimmy Allin with a 61 yard punt return for a TD. Make it 14-11 lead for Queen’s. That was quick.

TD Queen’s, Morrison with the catch makes it 21-11. 21 unanswered points.

Player slow to get up so the PA system plays “Don’t Worry Be Happy” as he’s attended to. LOL.

Another punt return for a TD by Jimmy Allin near the end of the 1st half. Damn. 28-11 Queen’s. 2 mins left till halftime.

Make that 29-11 Queen’s. Typed it before the extra point.

Don’t know how but I timed 2 Jeff Healey songs quite well at halftime. Only 2 ads to play after them before the 2nd half started.

29-18 Queen’s in the 3rd quarter, sounds like the game is slowing down a bit.

Things changing a bit, Guelph closing the gap Queen’s up 32-26

But then Guelph decides it to kick it to Jimmy Allin again?? Bad move, his 3rd return for a TD today. 105 yards this time. 39-25 Queen’s

46-25 Queen’s as the Gaels pull away again from Guelph.

46-32 Queen’s and Guelph has the ball with 9 minutes to go. Still some fight in the Gryphons.

TD Guelph which makes the lead 46-39 for the Golden Gaels. 7 minutes left in the game.

Jimmy Allin returning the ball again, but this time fumbles it. Guelph deep in Queen’s territory. Uh oh.

Guelph held to a FG so it’s 46-42 Queen’s. A TD by Justin Dunk was called back due to a holding call.

FG by the Gaels make it 49-42 with 1:45 to go. Lack of sleep hasn’t affected me at all with this type of game.

1st and goal Guelph, crazy game. 1:08 to go. Overtime maybe?

Touchdown Guelph with 42 seconds to go…… tied at 49. I’ll never be getting out of here. LOL.

Queen’s lining up for a FG, 37 yards……. and it’s good. 52-49 win for Queen’s….. good lord.

Time to get some food and get some sleep after this long day.

The back up kicker who got the winning field goal is Mike Petranovic by the way.  Didn’t want to spell his name wrong during the game.

This evening going for “Take 2” of the interview with Allison Crowe.  Not exactly sure if the studio is back to normal but I’ll find out a little after 6pm today if it is.  Taping of this Friday’s show will happen later in the week.

Might play a lot of live stuff this week.  Idea came after playing some of the new Jeff Healey disc during halftime of the football game.  “Songs from the Road” is from Stony Plain Records and is endorsed by his family.  Jeff passed away in March 2008 and there was a company that released an unauthorized disc after his death.  But this one is an official release.

Think I’ll play a bit of that disc on the show Friday.  Played “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” at halftime which is a great version.  Even has the crowd singing along with it.

Also have some songs from a concert Jenn Grant did.  If I can find enough stuff I might do an all live edition for Friday.


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