NTV on Rogers Facebook Group

It is now up and running.  Facebook Groups don’t really get going till members join up and contribute.  But you have to start with getting it up there in the first place.


I know, not an easy link. Thought it be easier now that you can pick your own name.  Here’s mine in case you were wondering.


I’ll just put the same text here I put up on Facebook description.  Since it’s 1am EST.

Started this group as a response to Rogers getting rid of NTV from the digital cable lineup in Ontario.  Only gave customers a month’s notice too. Letters went out in July and it was dropped in the last week of August.

People in Ottawa dealt with Rogers dropping WPBS by starting a Facebook group. They eventually won and changed Rogers’ mind.

This case might be tougher but it’s good to give it a try.  Thought to start this after getting a lot of search terms coming into my blog the last month or so.  An example from just one day, the last one was my favorite.

ntv on rogers
ntv newfoundland live stream
ntv change rogers
where is cjon ntv on rogers cable
rogers dropping ntv
ntv and rogers cable complaints
rogers cable dropping cjon why?

The direct line to Rogers for customer complaints is 1-800-379-7597

General Toll Free Number is 1-888-764-3771

Or by email visit this website, you have to click on the Email tab and fill in a form.


The quote from the letter customers got in the mail is they did it to “provide more choice and variety in the future”.  Couldn’t make that up if I tried.

Emailed a friend from the station and mentioned starting this group up and was told NTV was OK with it.  So pass the word about the group and how to contact Rogers.

Luckily I can still watch NTV since I have satellite but many people are missing out.

Just found quite a few entries on NTV’s Guestbook about Rogers dropping the station.


Here are the websites for other providers. If you can switch to satellite where you live.

Bell TV formerly Bell Express Vu


ShawDirect formerly StarChoice


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