Monday Night Football/Allison Crowe

Later tonight the return of Golden Gaels Football on CFRC.  I assume we will not have the confusion this season over the word “Golden” in the nickname.  Long story, which I won’t go over here.  Google it. 🙂

Pre-season action Monday as Queen’s travels to Toronto to face the Varsity Blues.  Kickoff is 7pm.  I’ll be handling the technical producing as usual.  Get the game on air, play the ads and do something during halftime.  Few sports scores and some music during the halftime show is the plan.

Post game I might be playing some more music, depending on the length of the game and what show is on after.  I man the fort till the next program begins.

Here is a preview of the football team at the CIS Blog from Neate Sager.  CFRC alumni and frequent guest of ‘Offsides’ the last couple of  years.

‘Offsides’ is no more by the way.  Tyler King is at Syracuse as we speak taking a journalism course there.  So Queen’s Athletics will escape Tyler’s wrath this season.  I could bring him on my show to talk about the team at some point in the year.

Last season I did my weekly NFL picks between the 1st and 2nd hour so I do talk sports for those new to the show.  Thanks to a listener in the U.S. named Cat I have a good name for the segment now.  Mentioned it earlier in the year. “Carnell Knowledge”.  Yes, a bad pun. But it’s memorable especially since I didn’t come up with it.

Tuesday night I’ll be taping a phone interview with Allison Crowe.  That should air next Friday night.  Good way to start Labour Day Weekend with her music for most of the show.  The incident at the airport in the UK of course will be a topic.  But we’ll cover a lot of things.

She’s in Corner Brook right now before heading to BC as part of recording her new album.  So at least we’ll chat during one of her breaks this year.

Friday I will be in LIVE doing the show.  Looks like a lot of taped shows once the football season starts.  New shows but on tape.  During the week I’ll explain my crazy schedule during the football season.  You’ll understand why I’ll be taping the program.

I’ll start the NTV/Rogers Facebook group this week, had to pushed it up a bit.  Worked all weekend which ate a lot of time.  With football and the Allison Crowe interview to prep for I thought I’d wait a bit to get that started.


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