SWM Classic

Rerun?  No it’s a “classic” episode.  Ya, it’s a rerun.  Working all weekend, feeling tired and getting a tooth pulled early next week adds up to airing a “classic”.  I’ve had teeth pulled before, before they gave me braces I had overcrowding to deal with. I was awake while they pulled FOUR teeth.  Remember one flying across the room.  Fun times.

Episode is from April and one people have been searching for the last few days apparently.  First hour an interview with Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! and tracks from their latest CD.


Then live music from Teresa Ennis during ECMA weekend. Live music from Blue Rodeo, from a promotional EP only given to radio stations in the mid 90’s.


Good content for a ‘rerun’.  You can listen to it now, or wait for it to play around 6pm on the radio.

Back next week with a new episode, quite a bit of blues is the plan with Limestone Blues Festival in town.  Tape that ahead of time this Monday, before my trip to the dentist the next day.  Fun summer evening that will be.

One comment

  1. Adrian

    Oy. I went about two months this summer with an abcess tooth – as things were so crazy busy I couldn’t get to the dentist. It definitely feels better – after!

    When you surface next, Allison says the next couple of weeks are good for coordinating your chat, if there’s a mutual fit.

    Right now, they’re battening the hatches and hoping Hurricane Bill steers clear and doesn’t do much damage.

    take care, Ad

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