Links/2010 Junos

Up first the link I found a few weeks ago that led to a few hits on this page.  Luckily this story worked out in the end.  If you read the comments you’ll see what I mean.  Toni accepted the apology and mentioned it on her Facebook page.

Started with an original blog post about the audio interview with Toni Marie when I put it up.  It’s described in The Telegram blog so I won’t reprint it again.

Here is a link to Darcy’s blog, mistakes happen and I know he wrote that entry before listening to the entire interview.  Sure he would’ve written a different one after he finished listening to it.

First place I found the 2010 Junos logo in a recent post.  Better than most logos for these things but that slogan leaves a lot to be desired.

“Ruckus on the Edge”

If they thought to come up with something that will people say ‘huh?’, mission accomplished.

Still looking forward to it coming to the East Coast next year.  But, do you even need a slogan?  Just mention George Street to people who might go. 🙂

I knew this summer had been bad weather wise.  Read that last month was the wettest July in Toronto history.  More proof.


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