Facebook/World of Warcraft

Toni talking about being on Facebook and playing World of Warcraft.  Her Facebook address is:


Hasn’t updated in a few days but she is on vacation.  About WOW she says “For the Horde”, whatever that means.  Someone I’m sure will explain that to me. 🙂

ROB:    I know you’re on Facebook. And you keep hitting the maximum amount of friends on there. How was that when you started going on Facebook and getting all these messages? I saw when you had your birthday recently I lost count how many messages. I think you had at least two or three hundred.

TONI:   What happened was that everyone else was on Facebook except for me. One of my good friends that I work with, Mark Dwyer, he’s the managing editor for the Newfoundland Herald.  He’s also our main sports reporter and asked me why I wasn’t on Facebook. “How can you not be on Facebook? Everyone is on Facebook.” So, I signed up.

Then I got people asking to be my friend. And I was quite flattered. I thought this was neat. “Yeah, of course I want Susie Smith, whom I’ve never met before to be my friend. That’s so neat.”

Then it got to the point where now as you said, I’m close to 5000. It’s hard to keep track of. I did get a good number of birthday greetings and it was so wonderful. But I can’t possibly reply to everybody, because I just don’t have enough hours in the day.

Facebook is an odd thing. People have asked me why wouldn’t I just set up a fan page? But that’s not really who I am. I don’t want to set up something and have somebody else monitor it for me.

I thought, “Why not have it be me?”

They were kind enough and took the time to contact me. The least I can do is try to do the same. A lot of the private messages I get are from people saying, “Is this the real Toni Marie?” And I write them back and say, “Yes, it’s me.”

I have friends in the industry though that say “But, you tell them you’re going on vacation. Or that you were tired today. Or that you had spaghetti for supper. Why do you tell people about you?”

The way I look at it is “Well… why not tell them?”

That way they can get to know me as a normal person. And not that as we spoke about earlier, being just an image in a box. They know that, “Hey, Toni Marie plays World of Warcraft.” or “Toni Marie likes to go to Deer Lake on the weekends.” It lets them realize that I not different from anyone else. I just have a different job.

ROB:    I know you tried to explain to me World of Warcraft a few times. You’re on there a couple of nights a week playing that?

TONI:   Yes, I’ve weaned myself to a couple of nights a week. First when I started about a year ago it was probably a few hours every night of the week. It can be a little addicting at first, but not so much now.

Any of your listeners if they play World of Warcraft I’m a Horde Blood Elf Hunter. “For the Horde” for any of you listening. Over 13 million people play this game worldwide. And it’s an online game so that means that you’re playing in real time with people around the world.

I play with people from Texas, California and New York, every night I’m on.

ROB:    I know it mostly from the South Park episode, which I don’t know if that’s accurate or not.

TONI:   Some of it isn’t but that’s for television. I think the addiction depiction was accurate in many ways. I don’t think I ate many pizza pops but I probably put on ten pounds first when I started playing. It’s a lot of fun.

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