Blues in Ottawa Wins

Nice surprise as I surf after work this morning.  Blues music in Ottawa won at the CRTC.  Dawg FM is going forward.  I’d give more details but have you ever tried to read one of these decisions?

I’ll give a further update once someone has translated that into an easy to read article. 🙂

Glad to see a Blues station finally getting off the ground in Canada.  Especially in the city where Bluesfest is.  One summer I saw Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Al Green and Buddy Guy among others.

Listening to Shore 104 right now out of Vancouver.  A station that’s trying something different than other stations across the country.  What a novel concept?  Not doing the same old, same old.

Off to bed, since I work midnights.  Tomorrow a further Dawg FM update and another part of my chat with Toni Marie.  About covering weather and a fun story about when the Junos were held in St. John’s.  Shows how she’s nicer and more grounded than some big city reporters . 🙂

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