New Music on Friday

Taping Friday’s show on Thursday morning.  New music to the show.  First up Andrea Gauster, not from the East Coast but she will be a new Kingston resident at Queen’s Medical school in September.  About a 5 minute walk from CFRC.  She found my page on Twitter, so if you have wondered yes Twitter does help me find music.

She just uploaded a new song on YouTube about Twitter.  Lot of inside references but a good tune even if you don’t get what she’s talking about.

Also a new band to the show, Shores of Newfoundland.  One member from Newfoundland and three from Ontario.  Saw in the paper they have a new CD.  By time I emailed them they had just left for a 7 week tour of Newfoundland.  So I’m sure I’ll get a response when they get back.  That’s a long tour.

Have 2 older CD’s at the station.  One a studio album other a 2 disc live set.  Recorded here in Kingston at the Tir Nan Og.  A sponsor of the live Queen’s sports broadcasts last season.  I played that ad so many times during games.  Memorized every second of it. 🙂

Since it will be taped, I might be able to upload it online before it airs on the radio.  If not I’ll at least give the line up for the show tomorrow on here.


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