Weekend in Toronto

Fun weekend in Toronto.  Garbage strike wasn’t as noticeable as I thought.  Good for Toronto.  However I’m sure some tourists have been scared off by the strike.  Does mean more than just garbage.  Can’t get to Centre Island since no ferries running there with city workers not working.  That sucks.

Saturday night’s show was great, and close by the hotel which always helps.  The Cameron House on Queen Street.

Went to the back room where the concert was and sat down with a beer.  There was a CD playing.  I thought “that sounds familiar”.  It was Toronto’s own David Baxter with the title track from his CD “Day and Age”.  I know that since Melissa DiMarco requested that song after her interview a couple of months back on the show.  That was strange timing to hear that song at that exact time.


First up during the concert was Andrea Simms-Karp from Ottawa.  Think she filled in for Nick Rose who was originally on the bill.  Andrea was great and I bought her CD after the show so you’ll hear that on Friday night’s program.



Ian was on second and had a great set.  Talked to him before the show and he had some friends in the crowd too.  He told the “moose story” he talked about on the show before a song.  No, there is no “moose song” but it was something fun to talk about between songs.

Last on the bill was Windsor’s Ron Leary with two other musicians.  Another great act.  In fact I was talking to Ron before the show too.  He was going over the setlist with one of the other guys.  Discussing which songs to play.  That’s the great part of seeing a show at a smaller place.  You wouldn’t get that chance at the bigger shows.

I’ll play some of Ron’s music on Friday as well.


After the show I hung around a while to pick up Andrea’s CD.  Helped Ian back to his car with his guitars and equipment since it was a little past 2am. He gave me a lift back to the hotel. Newfoundlanders help each other out.

Other than that music, not much of a plan for Friday night’s show.  Previous 2 weeks were the interviews so I’ll see what new music might be at the station.

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